Lecture 41 – Images, the Damage they Do | Abbreviated Version

P1            Such inner impressions are formed in young years, and from those impressions wrong conclusions were drawn. You are constantly re-enacting the drama of your own errors and wrong conclusions.

P2             Those who search for their images cannot help but go through confusions and upheavals for a while and encounter reluctance and resistance. You need to recognize the hidden significance of your erroneous defense mechanisms, no matter how much you may have consciously rationalized them.

All the doubt and mistrust you have for others is in reality nothing but the distrust that you have for yourself. Find out why you distrust yourself. You will find at the root that you do not live up to your own standards and you cannot accept this fact. It seems much easier and more pleasant to resist and rather distrust others, and to justify your distrust with rationally well-founded arguments.

P3             Because children tend to generalize, they disregard all other alternatives and project their conclusions onto all other situations. Second, the defense mechanism the child chooses with a limited understanding of the world is wrong as such. In your child’s mind you assumed that your case was singular. Everyone else had perfect parents, perfect home conditions, and only you alone experienced this shocking uniqueness that had to be hidden from everyone, even from yourself.

The shame arose from the mistaken idea that your case was unique, and the whole thought and emotional process had to be hidden away because of the shame. When these processes remain hidden, part of your personality cannot grow up with the rest of your being. It could not change and adjust and learn. For only what is out in the light can grow.

That is why images cannot be found unless one relives emotionally one’s childhood and penetrates the irrational layers of consciousness. Merely remembering is not enough. The tragic thing about the images is that they assume power. They will make you see and notice only certain things, connected with your image-conclusion, and in such a way that the image will be constantly supported and strengthened in later life. Emotions and thoughts are forms, creating emotional magnetic fields that draw events, people, and experiences toward you.

The more unconscious the emotions and the greater the complexity of thoughts, the more powerful they must be, because while unconscious they are out of your control and cannot be adjusted to reality. Thus they are inflexible and rigid. Therefore, your images and their conclusions must repeatedly bring you into situations you did not consciously ask for. But your image conclusions necessitate them.

P5             Mature beings know they can control life only by going with it, by not demanding that life follow their wishes, but following life by adjusting to it. Where you have your image, you do not adjust. You demand, and you throw a temper-tantrum inside when your demands are not met.

P6             When you think of some of your life-experiences, asking “What could I possibly have had to do with that? I did not lift a finger to make it happen, it just came to me,” your everyday logic will agree. Yet, after you have found your images, you will see that every event, regardless of how out of your control it seemed, was called forth by yourself. The moment you understand how you have directed your life, how you have caused events of which you seemed the victim, you will gain the certainty that you are not a drifting little boat tossed by the winds on a great stormy ocean. You will realize that there is no injustice, and that will make you strong and safe.

For instance, someone may have an inferiority complex about his intelligence. This is manifest. This he thinks he knows. In reality he covers up a very different emotion of self-contempt; that he knows he is not true to himself, that he wants to be more than he is. All divine forces that flow through the whole universe and also penetrate the human soul constantly flow in multicolored splendor, in harmony with the qualities, characteristics, and personal trends of the entity.

But where an image exists, the forces of the human soul are hardened, constricted and twisted, and they remain rigid. Therefore all these healthy and beautiful strengths and forces of the universe that the soul needs for revival cannot penetrate, cannot enliven it. They have to flow around it and that creates a disharmony.

P7             QUESTION: Did I understand that right: Any event about which we really can’t do anything was caused by our images?

ANSWER: You understood correctly. Except when it is a question of the karma of a previous life. But the principle is exactly the same, inasmuch as you reap what you have sown. If you have certain experiences in your childhood, it is because you have certain parents, and a certain environment. This was most suitable for you, according to your entire incarnation-history, so as to bring out your problems for the purpose of your development and purification.

P8             But you ought to know by now that there is no injustice and no coincidence. There is no coincidence. You see, when you go back in history, you will see that there were always times when great cruelty existed and mass slaughter happened. After certain intervals it happened again, the next time caused perhaps by another group, another nation. You can be quite sure that in the following period the former torturers then became the victims.

P9             Do I understand that images can be either karmic or non-karmic? ANSWER: They must have a karmic origin, because if they would not have a karmic origin, they would not form an image in the first place.

—The Pathwork® Guide