Lecture 48 – Life Force of the Universe | Abbreviated Version


P1             Fully self-realized people will gradually transform their bodies to a spiritual form. This is so, although its realization lies in a very distant future measured by earth time. What I am showing you on this path of self-finding is a gradual, slow way—and there is no faster way—to dissolve all the walls, rocks and petrifications within yourself and so allow the life force to work in you.

P2             Law in its real and divine sense has nothing to do with force or compulsion; quite the contrary. As soon as force or compulsion set in—whether from outside or from within your own self—at that moment divine law is violated. For divine law is inner freedom. You can gain inner freedom only by liberating yourself from errors. As the first and inevitable step, you have to bring them into consciousness.

In your images, your wrong conclusions, your conscious and unconscious ignorance and errors, you do not live in truth, and therefore you prohibit the life force which, though it has many other attributes, is always a healing force—for your body, your mind, your soul, and for your spirit. Thus you will readily believe that all physical sickness is only a chain reaction, a final outer manifestation of obstructed life force. Whenever you have obstructions within your soul, the only way to cure the malady is first to prepare for the proper reception of the life force.

The first step is to encounter the untruth and that, of course, is not pleasant. Pain has to be endured one way or another before you can get rid of that in you which causes and has constantly caused pain. You must learn to distinguish between two basic kinds of pain, my friends, the degenerating and the regenerating.

P3             You all know the wound cannot heal before the pus has been let out and, in the cleansed state, the tissues can grow together again. That is the regenerating pain. You have the choice either of remaining on the downward curve, in the state where you suffer from the symptoms, refusing to go to the root of the evil, or of mustering up courage, approaching the problem, cutting open the wound, and thus allowing the healing forces of nature to take over.

The operation itself would be the unpleasantness of facing what is wrong with you. Understand that once you have the courage to go through the “operation,” the time of pain is very short. Whoever approaches the stony and steep road of self-finding will experience gradually, little by little, changes that are unbelievable, or would be unbelievable for anyone who does not invest in this.

P4             So, my dear friends, let the life force into your soul. You cannot do so by simply willing it, by trying to get into a holy mood, though this may help a little. A prayer will give you the necessary strength to do your part. You should never believe even for an instant that what you experience is unjust and unfair, no matter how much it may appear that way. In the last analysis, in absolute truth and reality, you have caused it.

Take all general ideas, concepts, and principles, and make a list of all those that are important in a person’s life. Some I have discussed already, such as love, eros and sex or authority; others I shall discuss in the future. Think of money, work, various emotions, human relationships, plus a number of other general subjects which you can examine successively, according to what is the person’s most pressing problem. Find out what is the attitude of each individual toward that subject. Let people tell you first their general idea, their concept on the subject they apparently have difficulties with. Then begin to question the person about his or her life from this particular point of view, covering childhood, adolescence, young adult life, and so on.

Let that person tell you what his parents’ attitude, or apparent attitude, was on the subject. You may then find out that in nine out of ten cases the intellectual concept is completely different from the emotional behavior and attitude. Make it into a definite program. Yet there should be no rigid system; you know you have to work with your intuition and according to the personality.

P5             If there is friction between you and one of your brothers or sisters, my advice is that you become an advocate in his or her defence. Take the case and try to see how the other one sees it and present the case first to yourself. That will be the easiest. Then go to an objective third person, detached from the conflict, perhaps the person you work with, and repeat this process in her presence. This would be the second step. And if you really want to reach the highest step in this particular regard, go to the person with whom you have the conflict and be the advocate in his or her defence. Perhaps he or she will do the same.

It takes courage and humility, the two attributes so inevitable to reach any success on this path. Try to act on your adversary’s behalf as though you actually were a lawyer and your reputation was at stake. By defending badly, because in a corner of your being you still want to prove how right you are, you have not fulfilled your job at all. Play a game, imagine your life depends on presenting a convincing case for the other person. Learn now to see the other side. Be the lawyer for the other one, instead of for yourself.

P6             (requirements of becoming a team helper) One of the general qualifications is a certain psychological talent. For instance: insight, intuition, power of deduction, observation, a very warm interest in other people, positive feelings, also a certain basic detachment. It is not a prerequisite that all images be found and dissolved before one can work with others. That is not necessary, although some discoveries need to have been made, some results of the search for images should have been achieved.

P7             May the new friends who have found their way here take the trouble and patience to find out whether they can find the many answers this path has to offer. Let none of you be hasty. Receive at least particles of the life force that is contained in every blessing. How much you can absorb depends entirely on your own state of mind. Bitterness, anger, self-pity, all these block the life force.

—The Pathwork® Guide