Lecture 5 – Happiness for Yourself or as a Link in the Chain of Life | Abbreviated Version


P2             Almost anybody, unless still on a very low level of development, will in theory feel glad when good things happen to another. But even quite developed people, if honest, often detect in themselves some envy, or a slightly malicious joy over the misfortune of others. “True, I want to be happy. But also when I obtain this happiness, I want to maintain it by becoming a connecting link. What I receive from you (God) I wish to convey to others in some form, even if I have to make a sacrifice—perhaps to renounce my ego-gratification. Please show me how I can give out to others all that I have received from you.”

If you immerse yourself again and again into this thought, until it takes root in your soul, until it becomes such a powerful spiritual form that it penetrates your entire being on the deepest level of your feelings, then you will have fulfilled the conditions.

Then the particular spiritual law can manifest through you, and then you will be truly happy, exactly because your own happiness is no longer the ultimate goal of your endeavors. That is, the “I” will give up its self-importance for the sake of the “Thou.”

Indeed, today, tomorrow, next week, and every day you have to make the resolution to be in readiness; you must consciously conquer your resistance. Do not push it into unconsciousness. Then you must try to translate the readiness into action. And so the spiritual law can begin to fulfill itself in you.

P3             Many people who revolt against human injustice cannot comprehend that God is just and that in spirit infallible justice reigns. Spiritual justice makes use of human injustice in order to bring about ultimate justice.

The imperfection which human beings have created for themselves must be the remedy, so to speak, through which they can regain the lost perfection.

You often have to pay for something that you have not committed—but what you are really paying for lies buried in the past.

P4             Encountering these previously unconscious currents and tendencies feels as if you met a total stranger who leads his own life. It requires work, discipline, and training to feel into these currents and recognize precisely what they are. The encounter with this stranger is a sign of great progress; you have every reason to rejoice.

P5             You know by now that all thoughts and feelings create spiritual forms of the greatest reality, even if you cannot see them. These forms have far-reaching effects: in ever-spreading circles, actions create reactions, which again have consequences, so that a long chain reaction ensues.

Get to know the unconscious, make it conscious in meditation, in prayer, in all your striving.

Without this there can be no significant progress, and you will have to experience the open and unhindered manifestation of your unconscious currents when you shed your body.

P6             For as long as one has not looked at these currents in the light of one’s consciousness, one will continue daily, even hourly, to push the same emotional reactions into the unconscious, piling the new upon the old.

P7             What is “religion?” There is so much misunderstanding about this, and you are often anxious to assure yourself and others that you are not “religious.” You make the mistaken assumption that being religious means to adhere to some sect and blindly accept a set dogma. Religion means “reconnection with God,” and everybody wants this, whether knowingly or not.

P8             God has surrounded you with his spirit helpers who will help you in all your problems; when you have liberated yourselves from your compulsive ego will, from all distortions, you will be ready to be inspired and led even in the smallest things.

Test yourselves how much you want happiness, harmony, light, love, freedom. Then see that until now, in your emotions, you wanted these things for yourselves alone, because you wanted to be happy. Again, in your emotions, until now you considered yourselves number one, the most important person. Now perhaps you can change these emotional attitudes.

Those who use the happiness that they hope to attain or have already attained to contribute to the Plan of Salvation, will act according to the law and become a link in the chain, instead of an end in themselves.

Such self-healing requires at the beginning a seemingly great sacrifice: the overcoming of resistance to see oneself in truth, to open oneself, to give up faults. If you do not do it only for yourself, then becoming a happier person will be a means to make others happier, to give and love more. If you have such an intention, the spirit world will give you every possible help to overcome the difficulties on your path.

P9             What the task will be, you can leave to God. It will be a task which is suited best to your capabilities and will make you happiest. You will then become a light, a support and an example to others. You will be all this only if you do not do it merely as an outer action, but out of a deep inner commitment to purify yourselves, to love better, understand and help others.

—The Pathwork® Guide