Lecture 6 – Human Role in Spiritual and Material Universe | Abbreviated Version

P1             Every human being, not only a medium, can and should have personal contact with God’s world. Everybody can have it! But the conditions have to be met. You must have your own personal experience in understanding what God’s will is in any particular case. And we will help you in that, we will teach you how to establish your personal contact. There are definite rules for this, but you must first overcome your individual obstacles.

P2             It is the ego which erects the wall of blindness and separation around the soul. The higher the development, the more will the band of love which ties one soul to the other become visible—but this band is tied in freedom, in the sense that we are bound to each other by love. All who are connected with this band of love will feel the other’s pain with the same intensity as their own; the other’s joy will be like their own. The experience will be the same for you and the other. The ego, putting itself in its own separate place, elevates itself above the other by wanting something better for itself than for the other.

P3             By the way, not everybody who no longer needs to incarnate on earth enters the House of God right away; often the development continues in other spheres first. Human beings often make the mistake, by confusing the basic concepts, of believing that the ego is identical with the sense of individuality the personality has. But one has nothing to do with the other. On the contrary, the consciousness of the “I” is expanded and intensified with every higher level reached, and exactly because the separation of the ego has been overcome. Since this separateness is nothing but blindness and lack of understanding, it must necessarily diminish and reduce awareness, and thus the sense of individuality in the personality.

One day the ego must be overcome and the merging accomplished. Then individuality will not only not be relinquished, but will come into its own in ever-increasing freedom, light, understanding, and love. When seeing a beautiful flower or a lovable little animal you believe that they exist only temporarily because the body or external shell will decay, or perhaps because the species is dying out, you are mistaken. No, my dear ones, what is beautiful and noble, what is spiritual – and whatever is beautiful and noble is always spiritual—never dissolves, it remains forever, perhaps in a somewhat different form, but fully maintained in its essence, that is, in its individuality. For what is of the spirit is alive.

P4             The erroneous concept of complete dissolution of the personality was never formulated or propagated by the Indian mystics who have had the spiritual experiences referred to as Nirvana. I can assure you that if you spoke to such a person, whether Indian or not, he would confirm that it is a misunderstanding. He would confirm that, on the contrary, the individuality, the capacity for personal experience, will only increase and in no way decrease, and that only the ego dissolves. The ego is a part of the Lower Self and the individual personality is the sum total of all that the being is in its momentary state of development, including the lower and the Higher Self. What passes is only the Lower Self, which makes you heavy and earthbound with its ego and which limits your individual capacity to experience the divine in every respect, be it a personal spiritual experience, love for your neighbor or compassion, or whatever. Question about Rudolf Steiner teachings and Ahriman, ruler over matter.

P5             When some teachings say that there are three kingdoms, they are not quite accurate, because from this point of view there are more than three. Lucifer, who has the greatest power over the domains which are separated from God, has given certain districts—if I may call them so—to other fallen spirits, where they rule more or less independently. Only in specific cases do they have to turn to Lucifer. This is an imitation of what exists in God’s world and what humans have also imitated on earth, and what has to exist where many beings live together: a certain order, a hierarchy.

For Lucifer’s underlings are the spirits of evil, hate, murder, envy, prideful arrogance and other vices. They are embodiments of all these base currents. However, no such spirit has access to a human being unless there is a corresponding vibration in that person. As a consequence of turning away from God and the spiritual life, a person can again become receptive to the influence of the spirits of Hell, since through the strong bondage to material things certain low feelings will be awakened. They are those whose vision is troubled and whose vision will get worse as they bind themselves more to matter.

They live in a flat, shallow and grey world and nothing is really alive to them, because through their bondage to matter they suffocate the living spirit. What you call instinct is nothing but the sense that perceives what is not material. This sense is more developed in animals because their intellect is not yet as developed as man’s. The intellect is very important for the human being, especially for his ascending development, because the executive will is part of it. However, if the intellect becomes the ultimate goal and not a means to an end, a means to reach God, then it is not channeled in the right direction, it becomes overemphasized, and the result is disharmony; then the healthy instincts wither away.

You can observe that in so-called primitive people the gift of instinctual awareness is much more developed. The choice can be made for the spiritual life and for a spiritual attitude. But it has to come from your free will, and a free decision comes from the intellect. When such a decision is made in the right way, the faculties of instinctual (intuitive) and extrasensory perceptions—including mediumship—will not become paralyzed but will develop together with the intellect. The purpose is the harmonious development of your total spiritual and psychic organism, and if the use of the intellect deviates from this direction, the resulting disharmony will lead to a sense of unhappiness. Be aware that the intellect is an instrument of great importance for the attainment of the highest spiritual levels. Do not minimize it.

Ask yourselves: Do I limit and constrict the instinctual feelings through the intellect, which itself is ultimately a limited power? Second, do I use my intellect for the purpose for which it has been given to me? Question: He (friend) says that atomic energy was definitely known at that time, hundreds of thousands of years ago, when the world was destroyed in a catastrophe. Is this true? ANSWER: Yes, it is true. When there is too much discrepancy between the material and the spiritual development, then certain events will take place in order to avoid some greater danger. These events are a natural consequence of the situation and God allows them to take place; otherwise the spiritual danger would be much greater than any earthly catastrophe can ever be. Compared to the loss of spiritual life, the loss of earthly life means nothing. Cause and effect must work out according to law, and God’s acts in human history never endanger the spiritual life of man.

—The Pathwork® Guide