Lecture 62 – Man and Woman | Abbreviated Version

P1             Nothing healthy and constructive can unfold out of rebellion, at least not in the long run. Rebellion is revolution, and revolution is always opposed to evolution which is real growth. Real growth is a slow unfoldment based on profound understanding of the self and the issue in question. Rebellion or revolution always hides an unrecognized anger at the self projected on the outside world. Hence, the change brought about by revolution or rebellion ignores something very vital about the self, and this ignorance prohibits healthy growth.

P2             Something similar happened to man. He too received an inner message. He did not follow it through as vigorously as woman, for he had less reason to do so. His position was better suited to satisfy the demands of the universal rulership principle of the infant in the human personality.

P4             If man develops those qualities in him which are generally looked upon as being feminine, he will become more of a man, provided this development takes place without encouraging sick weakness and dependency. If woman develops those qualities in her which are generally looked upon as being masculine, she will become more of a woman, provided she does not use aggression, hostility, and rebellion as the supposedly male qualities she wants to further.

P5             Without the soul qualities of love, kindness, and intuition that open the road to understanding, intelligence and reason are as nothing and will bring no really constructive result in any area whatsoever. On the other hand, love, kindness, and intuition, if not kindled by discrimination, which is the result of reason and intelligence, will easily be lost in wrong channels and finally become destructive—even self-destructive.

It will take hundreds and hundreds of years before humanity will have reached the point where most marriages will be truly successful. Nevertheless, there is all the more reason for trying marriage now and making the best of it, and for learning from it—for there is so much in marriage. Union cannot and should not be forced.

P6             With love, understanding is open. And with understanding, oneness or union can be achieved. But love cannot be forced. Love can only be gained by removing all blocks and errors in the human soul. Ego-importance and preoccupation are directly opposed to love. But before the little ego can be removed, it has to be recognized in all its facets; it has to be allowed to come to the surface. Do not force it. The way you can go about it is not by convincing the other. Development and solution of problems can rarely happen that way, but rather by searching in yourselves for that which attracts a negative response.

I might add here that the general impression existed for a long time that only woman goes through certain cycles in life: the cycles of menstruation and the change of life. Man goes through similar cycles, only they do not manifest in the same way. In woman, the female side is mostly turned outward on the “disc,” so that physical birth manifests. However, this does not prevent her from also giving mental and spiritual birth at other times, when this face of the disc may tilt inward. Man, on the other hand, has the female, birth-giving side of his nature turned inward at all times.

—The Pathwork® Guide