Lecture 8 – Mediumship | Abbreviated Version

P1             You already know about the difficulties, about carrying out the resolutions and sticking with them even though at times that appears hard to do, about not losing your resolve, but to recommit both time and willpower again and again. If you do this, the beautiful reward becomes more and more tangible. This will happen very slowly, not as a sudden experience.

P2             When the spiritual world recognizes that a human being is serious about the decision and does not stay with the good intent alone but translates it into action in spite of unavoidable relapses and occasional failures, it will then give increased spiritual protection. This, too, is spiritual law. The person on the path will either be given an additional, higher, and more powerful spirit guide, or there will be an exchange of guardians. The former spirit, having fulfilled its obligation by bringing the human being over the threshold, is now ready for another task.

You must understand exactly what this path actually is. It is an intensive, continuous work on one’s own development; it is getting to know the self; it is, first and foremost, the acceptance of one’s imperfections. Then follows the inward integration of spiritual laws which with time will affect and alter the imperfect emotional currents in the soul. Furthermore, the human beings who enjoy the strengthened protection will, when striving to establish the contact with God’s spirit world—which is, after all, what it’s all about—receive meaningful knowledge or intuitive insights from the spiritual realm. After passing a turning point it is as if a veil had lifted, and the person is able to overcome difficulties more easily.

P3             About mediumship. If you asked me, “How can I start? What should be my next step on this path?” I would answer that everyone has to begin differently. A spiritual problem that needs to be cleared away first may otherwise obstruct the next stretch on the path. It may be a rigid prejudice that would make it impossible to be open to someone else’s words. However, no answer will be forthcoming unless you open yourself so that you can say, “I am ready to accept the answer if it is God’s truth, even when up to now I believed its opposite.”

Open-mindedness has to be always present on this path. A person has to devote much work, willpower, and time to reach this state of mind. If you have not invested all that, then you need to ask yourself, “What are my imperfections? Where are my faults? What is my greatest fault, which might be the greatest obstacle to my spiritual ascent? What are the faults which I have already recognized, but about whose consequences and extent I have not given myself a clear account? And what are the faults with which my fellow-humans have confronted me?”

P4             Make a list of these faults so as to keep them in your awareness and thus prevent them from disappearing again. This will help you very much. Then take the list to your personal spiritual friends—whether in the body or not—and by opening yourself, you will receive an answer, a deeper understanding, and will perceive connections. Whoever is ready to hear even what is unpleasant, saying, “Father, your will be done, I want the truth about myself and will not recoil from it in cowardice, vanity, and oversensitivity,” will indeed receive the truth. This should be the beginning of your path.

After that you will notice little things every day and then can ask your spirit friends, “Help me to recognize the meaning and purpose of this particular experience and see how it might further my development.” Again you will receive answers. I wish to warn you, though, that the preparation for and eventually the hearing of something that is uncomfortable must take place again and again, not mechanically, but with an ever-renewed readiness. In no way does it suffice to do this only once.

An answer may come to you, perhaps a few days later, through the words of a fellow human being who is inspired. This is one of the ways God’s world helps you. Therefore you need to keep your eyes and ears open for a message. Whoever continues on this path and reaches a certain solidity in the work will one day come to the point of feeling the need to give God something back in gratitude. You see this in the beginning only as a hardship. You focus on the price you must pay, on what you have to give.

P5             All you will need is readiness; the how must be left to God. You will be guided to find the best way you can help. Again, it will be evident to all of you who make this choice that the willingness to help and serve is not a sacrifice, but becomes the greatest joy imaginable.

P6             I ask all of you to adopt the same attitude toward all aspects of the work. Ask, “When should I let myself be guided? When must I act by myself?” These questions can also be asked about your personal connection with the spirit world. Now those of you for whom it was not the time to receive similar messages should not think, “Why not me?” For everything has its good reasons. Trust—even if you cannot always understand the reason. This is how all of you should try to establish contact with the spirit world. It is available for every single human being. Everyone.

P8             The most important factor is to be fully aware of the basic conditions. To follow the will of God, to purify oneself by overcoming one’s faults, and to cultivate self-knowledge. Quietly accept what serves God’s will. Accept the message with a humble and patiently detached attitude, without wanting to know everything at once. The right attitude also includes not being dependent on the medium and never on the spirits. What matters is clear thinking and humility.

When you are not able to find an inner echo to a message which causes you discomfort, be very careful before rejecting it. Ask God again and again for the inner truth. You may then recognize the very words you have tried to dismiss to be indeed the truth. Such an insight will produce great inner joy. Whenever you have a personal question, you need to approach it with this attitude. With a general question, however, it is wise to adopt a patiently detached and humble attitude, because all knowledge in this area is a gift of grace which has to be earned by everyone.

P9             Before the earth plane was created in its present form, other ways (Plan of Salvation) were tried, but they were not successful. And therefore God created the present conditions. Unfortunately, the development can happen only through the path of suffering. Unfortunately, indeed. People say: “God must show me His justice, then I will be ready to recognize Him.” It is much better to start with the preconception that human beings are imperfect and not God and His Creation. You believe otherwise. Even when you do not think it through clearly, your emotions contain this attitude. The same spite that originally led to the Fall is still present.

P10           Whoever wants to use this contact for the purpose of getting to know the will of God will certainly get a response. To him who knocks, the door will be opened. Whoever is determined to do the will of God will get the answer. To go all the way to Him means, “Your will be done, God, even if it is unpleasant for me, even if I cannot yet comprehend it, because you are Justice and Love. That is clear, that is the only ground I can stand on, my only fixed point; I do not know any other.”

Of course, such thoughts have to be nourished so that they penetrate the feelings; they have to be formulated again and again; thought forms have to be built and rebuilt. Again, with money it is as with all other things. The principle is the same. When money is used as a means to an end, not a goal in itself, then the integration is right. When a person consciously determines not to be bound to matter by money but to use it like all the other gifts of God, such as health or any talent, in a spirit of gratefulness, to use the freedom from worries that money can provide to intensify his or her spiritual development, then the integration is just right.

This, however, does not mean that it is necessary for the person who has material goods to give them away so as not to be burdened by possessions. You can enjoy wealth when you conquer the temptation that money, more than anything else, brings. It would be fanatical to say that a person has to give everything away and live in poverty so as to ascend spiritually. Such a task may sometimes be demanded from a person, but this is an exception.

—The Pathwork® Guide