Lecture 9 – Prayer and Meditation, the Lord’s Prayer | Abbreviated Version

P1             Prayer is a matter of thinking, meditation is prayer with feeling, it engages the soul forces as compared to the thinking forces. To get to the second and further step you need a certain discipline and concentration which you learn through prayer. Most people are not used to be spiritually and mentally active, yet one cannot enter into meditation unless one has first learned the preliminary state of concentration. This can happen only through self-discipline and regular practice, preferably always at the same time of day. As a rule, regularity is advantageous.

After some time you will succeed in achieving a certain continuity and concentration. This is prayer. Do not forget, as humans often do, to ask God again and again for help. You do not know how much this will serve you. Why don’t you say: “Help me to learn real prayer, or real meditation.” At any moment, when you are confused, ask for help. Here, too, the word holds true: “Knock and it shall be opened.” With the thoughts of prayer you build harmonious forms, so that the “thoughtprayer” activates favorable energies even before you have learned the “feeling-prayer” or meditation.

P2             Once you have learned concentration in prayer to some degree, practicing regular self discipline for this purpose, you may encounter the problem of becoming too mechanical. Now that you have progressed so far, you find yourself struggling not to fall into the opposite extreme of over-discipline where prayer becomes a fetter. Then the time has come for you to learn to bring prayer into the deeper layers of the soul. In the solar plexus, a person’s entire spiritual picture is imprinted.

Apart from this, one cannot establish any general rules. It varies from one person to the next. You must find the place in yourself where you sense the vibrations. It is not right to expect this to happen immediately and every time. There are several tools to liberate the soul forces: Perhaps by conjuring it up in their imagination they can relive it emotionally. Others may find the connection easier with the help of a specific passage from the Bible, a certain prayer or spiritual law.

P3             OUR FATHER. If you harbor negative feelings, something in you must be unresolved, no matter how wrong the other person may be. Try it also another way: Bypass everything that bothers you in the other people and visualize their perfection. Try to recognize how and where the divine spark manifests through them.

P4             HALLOWED BE THY NAME. You hallow the name of the Father by trying to fathom His laws and fulfill them.

THY WILL BE DONE. No wrongdoing or error of another human being can give you disharmonious feelings if there is not something amiss in you as well.

P5             ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. The God in you shall manifest in every detail in your spiritual as well as in your earthly life. To what extent is this already a reality in your life? In what respect does God not yet penetrate your being, your actions, your thoughts, and your feelings?

GIVE US TODAY OUR DAILY BREAD Be ready to let yourself be guided to obtain both your earthly and your spiritual bread.

P6             FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES. “Forgive us,” not me alone. This includes all human beings, even those who have hurt you and whom you may not be able to forgive completely. To open oneself wide and be willing to overcome the resistance is a struggle. So people will be afraid to admit the real guilt and therefore will rather produce in their unconscious all kinds of unreal guilt feelings, which either do not at all apply, or which cover up faults which they do not want to see because they are not yet ready to accept themselves as they are, in their momentary imperfection. Guilt complexes are unreal and therefore never lead to liberation.

AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US. How many people say this prayer, yet they do not have the slightest intention to truly forgive. While no hate may be left, resentment is still present; if you have not liberated yourself from that, you cannot be free enough to have spiritual experiences.

P7             For if it were possible to do it with your will alone, you would not need to pray for it. You do not pray that you should be able to move from one spot to another; if you have healthy limbs you can do it at will. But you need help in order to be able to really forgive. And you do need help in order to face yourself in total honesty and to know yourself without your mask. And you need help to meet your resistances and to accomplish the inner change. So pray for it. Not forgiving harms you much more than it harms those whom you cannot forgive.

LEAD US IN OUR TEMPTATIONS. Rather, the meaning is for you to pray that God may lead you when temptation comes to you; to pray that God may guide you so that you can resist it, that you have the strength and the vision to be victorious. Temptation is within you. It does not come from the outside. And even if it came from the outside, you would not yield to it if something in you were not receptive to it. For in you, in your Lower Self, in the crust that envelops your perfect self, lies the germ through which you can be led into temptation. The dark forces serve as instruments to draw it out, to bring it into your awareness, so that you can fight it. If the germ of evil lay dormant, if it had no opportunity to manifest, you would not come one step nearer to perfection, to true bliss.

BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL. The evil is in you. If it existed only outside, it could not touch you. Put this thought into your prayer. Ask Christ to help you overcome temptation, so that you can deliver yourself from evil.

—The Pathwork® Guide