Why is there Pain?

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The Plan of Salvation calls for fallen spiritual beings to return to Earth time and time again, each time with a mission to advance spiritually by healing some aspect of negativity. And each time we incarnate, we will find that there is one equation that must always come out right: hardship equals self-created difficulties. In other words, if we feel we have a tough life, we have had a hand in determining how the cards have been dealt.

The beauty of the system is that embedded in our struggles is the precise medicine we need to heal our inner ills. If we will turn and face our pain and do what needs to be done to free ourselves from our chains, we will learn exactly the lesson that our soul needs in order to grow and mature.

Pain and struggle, then, are really just motivators for change. Without them, we would remain immature and lacking in some important understanding about life and ourselves. We would coast.

This also means that when we incarnate as human beings, there is an agenda for something we’re to discover. One could call this our destiny. At the same time, we are never without free will. Meaning we can choose to pay attention and try to become better, or we can stay stuck in our distortions and most likely become bitter.

The beauty of the system is that embedded in our struggles is the precise medicine we need to heal our inner ills.

So destiny and free will are inherently linked, but it’s not an either-or situation; they are not mutually exclusive.

The upshot of all this is that the life events we draw to ourselves are the fate we ourselves have created. It must be so. So if what we create is trouble, we’re on the hook to search within ourselves and see where the real trouble lies. We must dissolve the same inside ourselves. And this, friends, can best be done by walking a path of inner self-discipline, self-searching and self-knowing.

To accomplish this, we all have a well of inner strength within and it’s entirely up to us how we direct these resources. It’s a spiritual law that whatever energy we use for spiritual growth will be perpetually replenished. But when we let ourselves spiral into negative circles of completely unproductive currents, we’re going to run out of gas. We will waste the precious energy we have at our disposal and then wonder why we feel so exhausted.

—Jill Loree

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Excerpted from Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead.
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