Why was the Pathwork® Guide Anonymous?

The Guide always said that his or her name didn’t matter, for after all, we shouldn’t believe anything unless it makes sense to us, no matter who said it. The other reason for the Guide’s anonymity is this: The moment personality comes into play, distortion sets in.

These distortions stem from our tendency to glorify, idolize and alienate those we deem to be in authority. The danger further lies in ascribing the truth to that being—whether a living person or a disincarnate spirit, matters not—rather than seeing the truth as something universal that’s available right here, in our own hearts. So then, in a subtle way, it’s “truth comes from so-and-so.”

But here’s the real situation: the highest and deepest truths are available everywhere, and are therefore accessible within us. So truth should never be attached to a single being.

As such, all these spiritual teachings are, in essence, a crutch. But until we can walk wholly on our own, we need them. They guide us to find the divine truth that is hidden behind our inner distortions—our negativity, our blindness, our weaknesses, and our destructive ways.

All these we must learn to identify and transform back to the light if we want to be compatible with God’s spirit world. For we can’t go home if our spirits are not crystal clear and sparkling clean.

—Jill Loree