Category: 4) The Pull


When two people interact who are on different levels of spiritual development, the more highly developed one is responsible for the relationship. Moreover, the more highly developed one is responsible for searching the depths of the interaction for the cause of any friction. The less developed one often isn’t capable of such a search, being stuck in the state of…


PLEASURE OR PAIN: Which is Our Destiny?

We are fighting against our own best interest on this. The more we resist the pull towards union, the more we fear we’ll never get it—and the ensuing tension makes us incapable of hanging out in the frustration caused by our own cross-currents. Little by little, we need to remove these blocks that tie us up in knots. The destiny…



If we abandon our poor substitutes for pleasure, isn’t it possible that we’ll have no pleasure at all?…In truth, as long as we’re convinced that our substitutes are all the pleasure there is, we’re not able to believe pleasure is for real. Living a decent life implies living a life of sacrifice. Yuck… But we’ve got this all wrong, because…