Get a Better Boat

Get a better boat

A collection of 33 spiritual essays


GET A BETTER BOAT: Trustworthy teaching for difficult times

If we build our house on sand, it might last for a while. But eventually things will start to crumble and collapse. We may even have forgotten we decided long ago to build on sand. That doesn’t change the reality of the situation though.

Over time, anything not built on a solid foundation of truth is bound to eventually collapse. It must. So it can be rebuilt the right way.

The era that’s now arriving is going to further shake whatever is not sound, whatever has been built on sand. We must collectively come to realize that the only way to get to the other side of our challenges is by waking up and stepping through the doorway of self-responsibility. And that’s exactly what the Pathwork Guide is showing us how to do in this collection of 33 spiritual essays.

Jill Loree began working deeply with the Pathwork teachings in 1997. In 2014, she began working full time to make them easier to access. Now, in Get a Better Boat, she crafts a clear message—a beacon of light—to help us navigate these difficult times.

The spiritual teachings in this book are now 50 years old. Yet these timeless teachings are proven and deeply trustworthy. They chart a highly spiritual—and very practical—way to journey through the seas of life. If you let them, they can become your better boat.

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1 Jewels in the heart
About: Being present with what’s here now | Podcast

2 A simple test for life
About: Seeking connection versus separation | Podcast

3 The Real Self vs the True Self
About: The reality of untruth | Podcast

4 Finding the light switch: My husband, the ego and imposters
About: Using guidance to help each other | Podcast

5 From believing to knowing: The trip of a lifetime
About: Personal experience becomes our proof | Podcast

6 Taking the more mystical way home
About: The faster way to heaven within | Podcast

7 Two Martin Luthers, two kinds of faith
About: What salvation really means | Podcast

8 It’s time to grow up: Maturing through stages
About: Moving into a new epoch | Podcast

9 After isolation: Approaching the Great Transition
About: Waking up to our true self | Podcast

10 Paying attention: The life-changing process of waking up
About: Sorting out the parts of the self | Podcast

11 Living on the good side of life
About: Aligning our will with God’s will | Podcast

12 How inner obstacles let in dark forces
About: The deep impact of childhood wounds | Podcast

13 Closing the gaps in our awareness
About: Becoming aware of our faults | Podcast

14 What’s hiding beneath our stories?
About: Helping others through inner listening | Podcast

15 Suffering? It’s time to search for images
About: Images and their importance | Podcast

16 Four hard lessons about immaturity and images
About: How images color life experiences | Podcast

17 Why did God make war?
About: The origin of conflict | Podcast
Appendix A: Five ways to learn about the Fall and the Plan of Salvation

18 It’s a jungle in there: Hacking our way around a spiritual path
About: The spiral nature of a spiritual path | Podcast

19 What’s behind all the resistance?
About: Our reactions to authority | Podcast

20 Feeling lost? Here’s how to find yourself
About: Doing the work of healing | Podcast

21 Healing from every angle, in body, mind and spirit
About: Working with all aspects of ourselves | Podcast

22 The tricky thing about self-responsibility
About: The harm of self-judgment | Podcast

23 How to swim with life, by evolving and resolving our splits
About: The origin and outcome of splits | Podcast
Appendix B: Deep Prayer for healing

24 Playing the long game
About: Perseverance and trust | Podcast

25 The key to a happy marriage? Honesty
About: How marriage works | Podcast

26 The story of our lives: Why look within?
About: The reason for self-examination | Podcast

27 How to heal a country
About: The basis for better governing | Podcast

28 Learn to fight the right way, for the right thing
About: The process of improving | Podcast

29 The truer way to freedom
About: How hidden hurts imprison us | Podcast

30 Humor can heal, but sometimes it just hurts
About: The many faces of humor | Podcast

31a Creation springs from swirling starting points
About: How creating happens | Podcast

31b Understanding time and the “now point”
About: Time and our shortcuts to bliss | Podcast

31c The way out of misery
About: Three main ways we escape | Podcast

32 Untangling the twisted threads of friction
About: The tools of the dark forces | Podcast

33 So, how’s your little boat doing?
About: The symbolism of the sea | Podcast

Appendix A: Five ways to learn about the Fall and the Plan of Salvation
Appendix B: Deep Prayer for healing
Appendix C: Understand these spiritual teachings
Appendix D: Ways to learn more