Appendix B

Cultivating an in-depth intention to heal

It is important we bring the full weight of our soul to this work. For it takes a fierce commitment and full emotional investment to reach our destination: returning home to God. Consistently saying this deep prayer can provide a personal compass for navigating the high seas of life.

Scott Wisler, Jill Loree’s husband, developed this prayer in 2001, after studying these teachings for several years. Its powerful spiritual momentum has helped carry him through many difficult times. Consider reading it a few times to see the deep beauty it holds.


I give my heart and soul to God.

I commit myself to listening for the will of God.

I serve the best cause in Life.

I want to expand my life.

I want health and fulfillment and abundance in every area of life.

I want rich, intimate, vibrant relationships.

I want to experience total love and pleasure supreme, without holding back.

I intend to give myself completely to life. I am willing to give to life as much as I wish to obtain.

It is possible to have such a rich, good life.

To do so, I ask for divine guidance and divine help:

I want to see and find all places in me where there is selfishness, self-centeredness, negativity, and destructiveness—I want to see all falseness, no matter how hard this may seem.

I want to see and find all places in me where there is pride, self-will, untruthfulness, and fear.

I want to find every place inside me where I wish to cheat life by secretly wanting more than I am willing to give.

I intend to shed all illusions I have about myself. To see the raw, naked truth about my current inner state. This is the price I will pay to have the life I want.

I want to overcome every pride, vanity, willfulness, and shame that make me hide behind pretenses. And to find every subtle inner dishonesty where I am too self-indulgent to face myself and change.

I am willing to shed my ego defenses and face directly into all negativity.

I am willing to accept all difficulties that arise in my life, because whatever life brings, I know that, somehow, I have created it. I accept utter self-responsibility for my life.

I am willing to grow from my difficulties, rather than childishly complaining about them, as if someone else had given them to me.

I trust that in truly accepting life’s difficulties, I can find and heal the roots of them inside me. In facing life’s difficulties, I will be capable of receiving the good of life.

I invest the best I have into my life. I will not withhold anything of myself. I want to contribute to the cosmic unfoldment and Christ’s Great Plan with all the faculties I have—those already manifest, but perhaps not used in this way, and those that are still dormant in me.

I want to contribute and be of service. And only as a thoroughly fulfilled and happy person can I do so—not ever as a suffering one.

The route through my inner negativities requires becoming emotionally healthy and mature. So I wish to truly know what I feel and how I block my feelings.

I wish to see the superimposed, intellectualized concepts that block my feelings without judgment or moralizing.

And I wish face and feel my fear of experiencing defeat, pain, loss and the unknown.

I am willing to look at myself naked, as I truly am, without emotional defense.

And I am willing to patiently look without haste or hurry, or try to get it over with immediately.

I beg of you God, help educate me, to fully know and experience what I really feel.

Help me see the distinction between superimposed will and real feelings.

I ask my Higher Self—God in me—to show my mind, inspire me to be receptive, and gently, gently let my feelings come up, whatever they may be.

I have the strength to endure a little real pain. Real pain is the gateway to pleasure and fulfillment. I welcome my real pain, my real emotions.

I gather all my faculties, all my resources, and use all the ground I have gained to fully experience all fear of deep painful, hurtful, frightening feelings in me. With all my heart, all my strength, and all my gentleness I intend and wish to recognize the cause of all life’s difficulties within myself.

I intend and wish to go in and through my deepest fears and wounds.

I intend and wish to experience all accumulated feelings in me and rid myself of all toxic emotional waste.

And I summon my faith that “going in” will not annihilate me.

I intend and wish to face the discrepancy between what I claim to believe and actually do believe about going into my feelings. And I wish to be aware of my special methods of avoidance and no longer want to deceive myself like this.

I accept the life I have created for myself and in this way, I can change the parts I don’t like.

I dedicate myself to being of service to life.


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