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Spiritual essays

Spiritual essays

Essays about the spiritual nature of life

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1610, 2022

Read spiritual essays in Get a Better Boat

By |October 16, 2022|Categories: Comments from Jill|

This collection of spiritual essays was created over a period of three years, starting in 2019, inspired by Pathwork teachings. This body of work paints a powerful picture of what it means to walk a spiritual path and become a more spiritual person.

1112, 2019

Essay 1 Jewels in the heart

By |December 11, 2019|Categories: Comments from Jill|

Judith Saly was communicating with Eva after she died. And Eva seemed to be saying that everyone there was wearing jewels in their heart. Some of these jewels were already polished and others weren’t yet. But nobody was hiding the ones that weren’t polished. Everyone went around admiring each other’s jewels, saying things like, “So this is what you still have yet to polish.” But it was all OK. The unpolished stones were just those that a certain spirit still had to work on.

1108, 2020

Essay 3 Real Self vs True Self: What’s the difference?

By |August 11, 2020|Categories: After the Ego, Comments from Jill|

In our quest to wake up, our mission is to travel the surprisingly long distance from our ego to our Higher Self. We could also call our Higher Self our Real Self or True Self. To reach our Higher Self, our ego will need to clear away the inner obstacles created by our Lower Self. Like our Higher Self, our Lower is part of our Real Self. But it is most definitely not our True Self. And if we want to wake up—to become enlightened—it’s vitally important we understand this distinction.

2408, 2020

Essay 4 Finding the light switch: My husband, the ego and imposters

By |August 24, 2020|Categories: After the Ego, Comments from Jill|

The journey of a human being—the journey that all the lectures from the Pathwork Guide are pointing to—is about waking up from the domain of the ego and establishing a firm connection with our inner source. This is neither trivial nor easy to do. For it requires us to surface and transform all the parts of ourselves that are blocking our light. Then, when we are connected with our greater being, we will know when we are being visited by an imposter. Without that inner connection, our ego will fall for their tricks and we will be the ones looking foolish.

1109, 2020

Essay 5 From believing to knowing: The trip of a lifetime

By |September 11, 2020|Categories: Comments from Jill, Editor's pick|

Are the Pathwork teachings—and in turn, my Phoenesse writings—essentially a philosophy? Perhaps. For according to Manson, “Philosophy is the inquiry into our understanding of reality, knowledge, and how we should live.” Indeed, that describes the Pathwork teachings to a T. And believing isn’t part of the program.

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