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Spiritual essays

Spiritual essays

Essays about the spiritual nature of life

Cracking open the Pathwork Q&As

By |January 1, 2024|Categories: Comments from Jill, The Guide Speaks|

If you’ve ever read a Pathwork lecture, you know that most of them end with a handful of Q&As, or questions and answers. What you may not realize is there are 155 more transcripts of Q&As that few have read. The Q&As are sometimes about particular lectures, but more often, they are an array of questions about life. What’s most unique, perhaps, is the Pathwork Guide’s ability to answer the questions in a way that applies to us all. In short, the Q&As are designed to help everyone.

Let’s come out of the dark: A short walk through the psyche

By |November 7, 2023|Categories: Comments from Jill|

All darkness is nothing other than twisted rays of light that can, with effort, be restored to their original condition. Such transformation is, in fact, what life’s struggles are urging us to do.

We need more awareness…of what, exactly?

By |August 25, 2023|Categories: Comments from Jill, Spilling the Script|

These spiritual teachings from Phoenesse are showing us how to transform the parts of ourselves still lost in darkness. For only then can we learn to live fully from our inner light. To accomplish this, we must develop a deeper awareness of who we truly are.

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