“To find the truth, we will need to navigate the mazes of the dark areas of our own souls.”

—Jill Loree

Looking to Grow Spiritually?

Phoenesse®—pronounced "finesse"— offers a fresh approach to timeless spiritual teachings, showing us how to repair our deepest wounds and restore ourselves to wholeness.

So let’s go. It’s time to move fearlessly through whatever is blocking our light. Let's do this work; let’s light up this world.

Let's Go!

How to Make Life Better by Changing What We Create

Reading Time: 31 minutes

What we’re going to talk about is the creative process as it exists in our universe. Already, this might sound like some lofty spiritual truth we’re going to discuss. But the teachings from the Pathwork Guide are not a bunch of heady generalities. They are always designed to give us something practical we can use, right here and right now, regardless of where we are in our spiritual development.

So although we’ll start out talking about some general concepts in Part One, in Part Three we’ll move into specific ways we can use these truths in our own personal lives. So please hang in there. In Part Two, we’ll explore the illusion of time. Also, we’ll look at what it takes—and what it means in terms of happiness—to live in the present.


The Heart: What’s Not to Love?

Reading Time: 7 minutes

It may be convenient to blame the world’s leaders, but they only exist because we, the people, make it so. And we, with our free will, each have the ability to make different choices that will affect the outcome of how we all live as communities.

Yet, while we can each make a difference, we can’t do so by changing others. We can only do so by changing ourselves. That’s the real work—the work of becoming spiritual—and it requires a much bigger leap than finding the heart.


Shaking? We Must Find a New Balance

Reading Time: 7 minutes

A few years ago, my husband and I began taking bites out of the elephant-sized task of learning a second language, Portuguese. I mention this because a lot of people are shaking on the inside these days. And one of the Portuguese words that means “to shake” is “balançar,” which also means “to balance.”

Indeed, there is a connection between the inner shaking that’s going on and our need to find a new balance—within ourselves, in our lives, and in the world.


4 Hard Lessons about Immaturity and Images

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Things are amping up right now. Collectively, the world is experiencing an influx of energy that is helping to shimmy our images to the surface. For that’s the only way we’re going to see them and heal them.

This influx, then, is coming to help us heal. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand—along with our immaturity and images—and hope things will just all work out well in the end. For there is a Lower Self script running in the background of every person’s life. And if Lower Self is directing our show, the ending will always be sad.