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Phoenesse® offers a fresh approach to timeless spiritual teachings. We can heal our deepest wounds and restore ourselves to wholeness by moving fearlessly through whatever is blocking our light.
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“To find the truth, we will need to navigate the mazes of the dark areas of our own souls.”

—Jill Loree

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Jill Loree has re-crafted the rich spiritual teachings of the Pathwork Guide, making them easier for everyone to access.

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Access 167 spiritual teachings—from 10 spiritual books—as podcasts. Plus listen to Walker: A Memoir.

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This collection of spiritual essays paints a powerful picture of what it means to walk a spiritual path.

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At the heart of Phoenesse are 19 spiritual books, each offering a unique perspective on self-transformation, which is the true aim of any valid spiritual path. Read and listen for free, and say “thank you” in any amount, if you want.

Why Phoenesse?

Phoenesse—pronounced “fin-ESS”—brings freedom to the soul through a Christ-centered, two-stage spiritual path.

In the first stage, we clear away the inner obstacles that are blocking our inner light. Then, in the second stage—which is the most important stage—we actively and gradually begin to let go of our ego and learn to live from our divine center.

This process takes significant effort and time, yet it is the most worthwhile thing a person can ever do.

What’s your Spiritual IQ?

Test your knowledge of these rich, vast and deep spiritual teachings from the Pathwork Guide.


What does it mean to be spiritual?

We can liken our spiritual center to the sun. Our Higher Self is a light that always burns bright. That said, we do all possess a handful or more of cloudy parts that darken our experiences in life.

And this essentially is what it means to be spiritual: We use our ego to discover what inside of us is blocking our own light.


What does it look like to walk a spiritual path?

Deeply profound and highly practical, this body of spiritual wisdom—based on the teachings offered to humanity by the Pathwork® Guide—is incomparable in its ability to guide us to realizing our full potential. And now, by following this 10-Step Guide, anyone can get going on this spiritual path.

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These timeless teachings are proven and deeply trustworthy. They chart a highly spiritual—and very practical—way to journey through the seas of life. If you let them, they can become your better boat.