“To find the truth, we will need to navigate the mazes of the dark areas of our own souls.”

—Jill Loree

Guidance for Spiritual Growth

Phoenesse® offers a fresh approach to timeless spiritual teachings that show us how to repair our deepest wounds and restore ourselves to wholeness.

So let’s go. It’s time to move fearlessly through whatever is blocking our light. Let's do this work; let’s light up this world.

What is the Work of Healing?

How to Use Our Mind to Wake Up

Reading Time: 3 minutes

For century after century, we humans have been developing our intellect. This had to be cultivated so our ego mind could fulfill its role in becoming an important stepping stone in the evolution of humanity. But by now, through our overemphasis, we’ve overshot the mark. This doesn’t mean it’s now time to revert back to being blind, only following our emotional “desire-nature.” What it means instead is that it’s time to wake up. It’s time to open up to a higher realm of consciousness inside us, and let this light shine. Our true self is ready to unfold.


Why It Can be Hard to Stay Home

Reading Time: 6 minutes

It’s possible we have temporarily avoided the experience we fear by successfully using our inner defenses to so completely shut off life that nothing can touch us. And using our willpower, we may have built an eventful outer life that manages to fill our inner void, at least to some degree. This works, as long as we don’t hold still.


Duality and the Skeptic

Reading Time: 5 minutes

To be caught in duality is to be caught in the illusion of opposites. Our work is to uncover the kink in the system and return our negative outlooks and behaviors to their original positive form.

But wait, we worry, won’t that mean I must become gullible? No, what it really means is we must grow up. For to be immature is to be caught in the black-and-white thinking of duality. Fortunately, there is a way out: We must become skeptical about our own selves. We must question everything we believe.