More Spiritual Books

Jill Loree offers more spiritual books for finding the truth of who we are. Explore spiritual teachings and discover the true beauty of self-knowing. Wake up and find your true you.

WALKER: A Memoir

Jill Loree grew up in a singing Lutheran family that looked pretty good on the outside. But inside, issues with alcohol, control and neglect would blot out the truth of who she was. Her journey would walk her through the healing waters of forgiveness, acceptance and redemption. Her spiritual path would lead her to create a whole new life.

This is the story of her path. Sharing it, wrapped gently in humor, is her gift. Learn more.

WORD FOR WORD: An Intimate Exchange between a Couple of Kindred Souls

What does it really look like, not just to talk the talk, but also to walk the walk of a spiritual path? In a word, it can get complicated.

Now, in this word-for-word collection of straight-forward messages written between a couple of well-matched, died-in-the-wool spiritual seekers, we get a glimpse into some of the wily ways our work surfaces in our relationships, and how we can navigate through the hiccups.

Surprisingly insightful and at times pretty funny, here is a rare inside perspective on the messy work of healing, growing and relating. Learn more.

LIVING LIGHT: On Seeking and Finding True Faith

What greater gift could we give ourselves than to wake up and make an effort to channel what’s inside us out into the world, to bring forward the Christ consciousness that dwells within. To become a living light. Indeed, every time we listen for the truth, we will find the light of Christ within. And there is nothing greater for us to uncover than this. For that’s the moment we’ll know there is truly nothing to fear. Learn more.

KEYWORDS: Answers to Key Questions Asked of the Pathwork® Guide

Here are fascinating answers to a deep and wide variety of life-related questions that were asked of a spirit being known as the Guide. Jill Loree has combined her favorite questions about Religion, Jesus Christ, the Bible, Reincarnation, the Spirit World, Death, Prayer & Meditation and God into a single “Best Of” collection, located on The Guide Speaks website. Learn more

SPIRITUAL LAWS: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead

Just what are the laws that rule this precious land? And more importantly, how can we learn to get along with them? Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead is a summary of the Guide’s teachings mentioned throughout the Pathwork lectures regarding spiritual laws.

So gather round and listen up. Because the hammer is about to drop. Learn more.

Phoenesse: Find Your True You