Get a Better Boat

Trustworthy teachings for difficult times

After the Ego

Insights from the Pathwork® Guide on how to wake up

Blinded by Fear

Insights from the Pathwork® Guide on how to face our fears

Holy Moly

The story of duality, darkness and a daring rescue

Finding Gold

The search for our own precious self

Bible Me This

Releasing the riddles of Holy Scripture

The Pull

Relationships & their spiritual significance


A mind-opening collection of 17 fresh spiritual teachings


A multifaceted collection of 16 clear spiritual teachings


A building-block collection of 19 fundamental spiritual teachings


Short and sweet spiritual insights


Answers to key questions asked of the Pathwork® Guide

Spilling the Script

A concise guide to self-knowing

Healing the Hurt

How to help using spiritual guidance

Doing the Work

Healing our body, mind and spirit by getting to know the self


A memoir

Word for Word

An intimate exchange between a couple of kindred souls

Living Light

On seeking and finding true faith

Spiritual Laws

Hard & fast logic for forging ahead

The Self. Care. series

Three books in one paperback

The Real. Clear. series

Three books in one paperback (#1-3)