The teachings in the Real.Clear. books align with lectures given by the Guide, an articulate spirit being who spoke volumes of spiritual wisdom through a woman named Eva Pierrakos. The collective body of work they created together from 1957 until her death in 1979 has been copyrighted by the Pathwork® Foundation.

In her work, Jill Loree has been inspired by the Guide to rewrite a subset of these teachings using her own voice. As such, the seven books in the Real.Clear. series convey the same message as the original lectures, but use easier-to-read language. Phoenesse LLC holds the copyright for the books in the Real.Clear. series.

The books in the Self.Care. series are largely a synthesis of all Jill Loree has been taught by other Pathwork Helpers and learned through her own personal work as both a Helper and a Worker. The ideas put forward in these books are the personal interpretation and understanding of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by the copyright holder of the Pathwork® Guide Material. Quotations from the Pathwork® Guide Material included in Spilling the Script and Spiritual Laws are reprinted by permission of the Pathwork Foundation.

The author wishes to express her deep and sincere appreciation to the Pathwork Foundation for making these teachings available for free to the world, and for supporting her efforts to help spread these teachings to new audiences. Here are some of the ways to learn more:

  • The original lectures, along with paid-for recordings of Eva speaking the lectures as well as free audio podcasts, are available from the Pathwork website.
  • A complete list of lectures is available on the Phoenesse website.
  • Thousands of answers to questions asked of the Guide have been made available by Phoenesse at

Jill Loree offers her most heartfelt gratitude to Eva Pierrakos, a woman who dedicated her life to sharing the Guide’s wisdom and doing her own work. Through her courageous personal efforts to know her true self, Eva opened the doorway for the Guide’s messages to continually unfold with deeper insights. If we follow the Guide’s teachings, they can become strong medicine for helping all of us heal our hurting souls. These various offerings from Jill Loree are intended to extend Eva’s legacy and carry on her good work.

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