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Phoenesse has had the pleasure of publishing the following books for family and friends:

SALTY: The Colorful Adventures of a Well-Seasoned Seadog

By Lon Calloway (Jill Loree’s cousin)

I had so much fun collaborating with my cousin Lon Calloway to publish his sea stories. I first became aware of them when I found them in a binder at my parents’ cabin in Northern Wisconsin. My dad, whose sister is Lon’s mom, was especially enamored with them and highly encouraged all of us to read them. “They are just so good,” he said.

One of the things I love about this is that my parents are in their eighties and both lifelong devout Lutherans. And yet there is so much heart in these fascinating stories—along with a ton of humor and touch of salt—that it makes our own hearts sing when we read them. At least mine did.

In my book, this is the essence of what it means to be spiritual: to uncover our inner light and let it shine out into the world. Nicely done, Cuz.

– Jill Loree

PS I recommend reading Salty in the ebook format, as Lon’s stories include lots of colorful pictures!


For me, it was always about the motion. Not just the gentle rocking of a ship that made sleep such a pleasure, nor the heart-pumping thrill of going weightless in my rack as we tossed our way across some deep body of water. It was the fact I was on the move. That’s always been the best part. Going to sleep in one place and waking up in another was like being on a magic carpet.

It’s true, I dodged some shit with this way of life. Or as one early girlfriend put it, “Getting back on that boat is pretty damn convenient for you, isn’t it?” I admit, I wasn’t always there for those who stayed behind. But this has been my life, and over the decades I have become better and better at living it.

Through all the ups and downs, I’ve managed to live the most colorful life I could have imagined for myself, and I’m delighted to share some of the highlights with you. I hope you’ll be OK with the language. Truth be told, cursing is what made the ships go. So here it is: shipboard authentic and salty as hell. I could not tell these tales any other way.

– Captain Lon Calloway

From the Back Cover

When you’re out “on the salt,” the work is rough and the storms have no mercy. Yet the sun never fails to reemerge from behind the clouds, and if you look hard, a chuckle can be found.

Through this remarkable collection of stories—built from over 40 years working on the water—Lon captures the thrill of the action, the pain of the struggle, and the power of a good laugh. Because whether working as mate, quartermaster or captain, humor was always close by when Lon was on deck.

Salty takes you into this world filled with terror and triumph, and delivers a taste of an unfathomable life, working at sea.

Praise for Salty

“These are the stories Lonnie would tell on dark nights in the wheelhouse that would keep us in stitches. Prepare to be highly entertained!”
– Captain Eric Treece (“E.T.”)
S.S. Wilfred Sykes (Present)
S.S. Edward L. Ryerson (2006-2009)

“Chapter after chapter, I found myself hanging on every word. Batten down the hatches and settle in for a wild, highly entertaining ride!”
– Roger LeLievre
Author/Editor of Know Your Ships: Guide to Boats & Boatwatching on the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway

“Working with Lon has always been an adventure. The weirdest situations arise and strangest people always seem to appear in his everyday life. If these tales don’t surprise and entertain you then you might want to reflect a little because you may have been one of his encounters.”
– Captain Garth J. Law (“Sharkey”)
Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry Line

Press for Salty

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©2020 Lon Calloway. All rights reserved.

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NEAR NONSENSE: Playful Poetry for Children Over 40

By Ed Thompson (Jill Loree’s Dad)

When my dad, at the spry age of 81, asked me to help him publish a book of his original poems, I jumped at the chance. Once we got rolling, I went looking for pictures that would bring his work to life. Scrolling through images on Pixabay, using “quirky” for my search term, I came across some illustrations by Edward Lear that had potential.

So then I searched to find more illustrations by Edward Lear and, lo and behold, found a huge array of odd drawings that fit remarkably well with the theme of each of my dad’s poems. As in, fit like a glove.

We paid a tidy little donation for the use of these unique pieces of art, and by the time the book was finished had landed on an apt title for his book: “Near Nonsense.” We were both just delighted with how it turned out.

Six months later, on a whim, I Googled Edward Lear and discovered he was born in England in 1812 and lived there until his death in 1888. During his life, he was a prolific creator of quirky poems and illustrations, and is now considered a cultural classic. Much of his timeless work has been collected into books, many of which have the word “nonsense” in the title. Hence, they are referred to as the Nonsense Series.

For generations, children have been delighting in these books. In the same way, it has been a true delight to make my father’s strikingly similar poetry and prose available in this colorful collection that will tickle people from every generation.

– Jill Loree

About the Author

Ed Thompson is a lover of life, a giver of good humor, and a deeply proud Norwegian. Now, as he launches into his 80th decade, he offers this clever collection of 24 original poems and prose reflecting his quirky take on life.

Ed was born and raised in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, where he mastered the art of self-preservation by learning to shovel at a young age. He is now a professor emeritus of UW-Barron County and lives pleasantly along the banks of the Red Cedar River with his wife of more than four decades, Marla.

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©2020 Ed Thompson. All rights reserved.

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WHY I LOVE MY NORWEGIAN HERITAGE: The Life Story of the Tollovsons, a.k.a. Thompsons

Or as I knew them, Grandpa Andrew and Grandma Martine

Compiled by Ed Thompson (Jill Loree’s Dad)


Much work and thought has gone into creating this collection of stories about the life of Anders Tollovson, as seen through the eyes of his family and others who knew him. 

One source of information is from a book by Andrew’s granddaughter, Linda Thompson Mott. Other stories and incidents about Andrew came from several sources and will be indicated by name of who supplied the story. If no name appears, assume it to be me, Ed Thompson.

A great deal of information has been gathered from a tape recording of an interview with Andrew that was made in 1954. The recording was discovered by Jack Brown as he was going through his grandmother’s things. Jack is a great-grandson of Amanda, who was Andrew’s second daughter. 

As I first listened to the recording, I realized Grandpa Andrew had lived a very special life. I also felt a sense of awe as I listened to him because I have done nothing to compare with Andrew and his generation. Let’s take a look at Andrew’s life and try to see what life events make up the life of a Norwegian like Andrew.

For it’s stories like those you are about to read that make me love my Norwegian heritage. I hope you appreciate this telling of his life.

–Ed Thompson

Editor’s Comment: A More Balanced Perspective

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THE ANT & THE SNOWFLAKE: A Tale of Awakening for Your Inner Child

By Patricia Paula (Jill Loree’s Translator for Portuguese Books & Website)

Illustrations: Claudia Duarte

One day, after a lifetime of freezing her emotions, an Ant discovers her little foot is completely frozen. In this heart-warming fable about waking up, Patricia Paula follows the journey of the Ant who is determined to find freedom. The Ant meets many characters along the way who will help her see the true cause of her struggles: she has lost her inner way. Out of despair, Ant finally turns inward and discovers a warm inner connection, which leads her to true healing. Join little Ant’s journey and dissolve the snowflakes from your soul.

This is Patricia’s second book from her “Tales of Awakening” series, which is brought to life by the delightful illustrations of Claudia Duarte.

A growing-up tale for the young-at-heart!


“I was six years old when I listened to the children’s literature classic “Ant and Snow” and felt the pain of that frozen foot like it was my own. Back then, I lived in a tropical country and, for most of my childhood, in the Amazon forest. So I wasn’t at any risk of dying of cold. But I was swallowed by the fear of that little Ant.

Years later, reading the Pathwork® Guide lectures, channeled by Eva Pierrakos, and following the speeches of Master Sri Prem Baba, I found out with astonishment that there were snowflakes in my soul. Parts of my being were frozen by fear of pain. And the more I dived into the wisdom of the Guide and Baba, the more I remembered the little Ant crying out for help to melt the snow off her little foot.

It’s been 12 years of studies and many experiences with wonderful therapists who taught me how to listen to the inner child’s voice and feel my vital center defrosting.

Until, on a blue morning in May, because the time is coming, my internal child blew in my ear and I wrote this retelling of the tale set to music by João de Clay in the 1970s.

Listening to this little story, told by my grandma Air or by Mama Zi, is part of my beautiful emotional memories that made my childhood an enchanted period.

I share with your child these words I received from my inner child. And may they be, in your life, a sunny day ray of sunshine with a soft breeze bringing to life all that has been frozen by fear, obstinacy and pride.

May divine grace and love flower the garden of your heart.”

–Patricia Paula

About the Author

Patrícia Paula is a Brazilian writer who lives in France and is making the crossover from being a seeker to becoming a thinker. With her fertile mind, she has been able to open several trails through the forest: Luka’s mother, writer, translator, photographer, and facilitator of chakra harmonization therapies.

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Available in ebook and paperback on Amazon:
English ( | The Ant and the Snowflake
• Portuguese ( | A Formiguinha e a Neve

©2021 Patricia Paula. All rights reserved.

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THE GIRL, THE FOX, AND THE SUNFLOWER: The Courage to Create Union

By Patricia Paula (Jill Loree’s Translator for Portuguese Books & Website)

Illustrations: Claudia Duarte

The Girl, the Fox and the Sunflower is a delightful tale about the perils of not tending to the daily task of relationship. For every day, couples fall into the trap of distancing themselves, just when the blush of love was starting to bloom.

In this short, heartwarming story, a new couple discovers they must grow towards each other if they want to enjoy a happy ending.

Let yourself be inspired by Claudia’s charming illustrations and Patricia’s sweet voice. Any relationship can rekindle its connection!

A perfect engagement gift!


I wrote this story for Christmas 2015, inspired by the dream of bonding and creating union. And also by the hope of learning how to prune the baobabs of the heart before they become giants that prevent the meeting of the Real Self and, consequently, connecting with another.

May this fable be a seed of sunflower and union in your life.

– Patricia Paula

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Available in ebook and paperback on Amazon:
English ( | The Girl, the Fox, and the Sunflower: The Courage to Create Union
• French ( | La Fille, le Renard et le Tournesol: Le Courage de Créer des Liens
• Portuguese ( | A Menina, a Raposa e o Girassol: A Coragem de Criar Laços
Spanish ( | La Niña, el Zorro y el Girasol: La Valentía de Crear Vínculos

©2019 Patricia Paula. All rights reserved.

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WEEDS OF WAR: Those Who Bled at Dien Bien Phu

By Paul Kluge (Jill Loree’s Uncle)

It was clear by the first days of 1954 that a battle at Dien Bien Phu would tip scales everywhere. By then, France was desperate for a win. Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh was willing to roll the dice, betting on the support of the Soviets, the Chinese, and his own fire-eating army.

It was the conscripts, the coolies, and the privates—the weeds of war—who had the least to gain and the most to lose. They, of course, would pay the heaviest price.

Weeds of War is a story of common soldiers—privates with no authority—whose success was essential to the manufacture of victory. On one side are the young zealots of the communist Vietminh who do not hesitate to throw themselves into suicidal wave assaults. People like Private Nguyen.

Then there are those who enlist in the Foreign Legion, which is teeming with Wehrmacht survivors—hard core, professional soldiers. Included is a troubled and naive Irish teen.

An obscene maturity is promptly squeezed from the body and heart of youth on both sides. Young souls age quickly or are lost in the craggy fields of war.

But war is not all blood and guts. There is room for humanity and sometimes even a little romance across enemy lines. For this is a world of strange bedfellows where patience and resilience prevail.

The privates depicted here are fictional, but their experiences are from actual battles that ended one war and began another—the next time with America. This is how it really was, to live and die among the weeds.

About the Author

Growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm in the 1950s was hard work, but it also fostered a close connection with country church, 4-H, and rambunctious cousins on backyard ball fields, along with the birthing of Holstein calves on cold winter nights. Needing, however, to learn more about himself and the world around him, Paul reached for whatever was beyond the farm and maybe more. More became a four-year Army enlistment after high school. More included nearly two years with an infantry brigade that deployed to Vietnam in late 1966. He left that war in June ’68, coming home with a Bronze Star, although the Tet Offensive remains inside him.

Adjustment to civilian life was a challenge. Supporting his family was a challenge. Menial jobs were followed by warehouse management. By then divorce meant starting over. Eventually came merchandise buyer, and finally human resource work within a large and diverse workforce. There he was able to contribute to many needs of the generally underserved. Paul flourished in such work and continued in it until retirement.

Having already done some community theatre acting, by the turn of the century Paul was writing theatre. His full-length plays include Local Rules Apply, Final Intrusion, Lam Moui Hai, and Can of Worms, three of which have been produced locally.

On several occasions Paul has been invited to speak at Veterans Day and Memorial Day gatherings. His message has always addressed some aspect of veterans and the Vietnam War. In his retirement, Paul has continued to write on the war, to research history, and to speak to the story of Vietnam, all of which has become the eye-opener Weeds of War.

Paul currently resides in quintessential Northfield, Minnesota, the town that routed the Jesse James Gang in 1876, and later welcomed Mary Tyler Moore’s friend Sue Ann Nivens, aka Betty White, at memorable St. Olaf College.

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©2021 Paul Kluge. All rights reserved.

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