Healing the Hurt

How to help using spiritual guidance

Healing the Hurt: How to Help Using Spiritual Guidance

Healing the Hurt is written as a companion to Spilling the Script: A Concise Guide to Self-Knowing, which gives the foundation for the work discussed here. In addition, the Real.Clear. spiritual book series—and in particular, the book Bones: A Building-Block Collection of 19 Fundamental Spiritual Teachings—provides a primer for understanding the many important concepts explained by the Guide regarding this fascinating spiritual journey of healing we’re on.

It will frankly be difficult to understand the information offered in this book without having a solid understanding of the deeper dynamics and origins of inner wounds. More importantly, it is not really possible for any of us to walk with others through difficult inner landscapes we have not yet traversed ourselves.

So knowing there’s a ton of background needed for this book to make sense, and knowing there’s a mountain of personal work and training one must go through before we can use these teachings to help others, I still feel called to write this book. Yet I have struggled, not so much with the content itself, but with its intent. In the end, I have written this book because it would have helped me greatly to have read it, back when I was going through Helpership training. I also wish I had understood the process of the work better when I was a fledgling Worker.

It is not really possible to walk with others through difficult inner landscapes we have not yet traversed ourselves.
It is not really possible to walk with others through difficult inner landscapes we have not yet traversed ourselves.

In my Helpership training, I was largely taught experientially, meaning we did our own work and then broke it down to discover exactly how we had been helped. Then we could see what the teacher/Helper was doing that was so effective in guiding us to healing. Friends, there is no better way to learn than that. But then the reasoning mind has some catching up and piecing together to do.

In Healing the Hurt, I have stitched together what I was taught with what I have since sorted out in my own work as a Pathwork Helper, hoping to make a quilt that someone can appreciate. Some may admire the colors, others may like the patterns, and still others may be trying to get warm. For whatever reason you feel called to crawl inside these covers, I offer my humble wish and blessing that this book offers just what you need at this point on your spiritual path.

— Jill Loree

Healing the Hurt: How to Help Using Spiritual Guidance

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1 On becoming a Helper

What it means to be a Helper

The path to becoming a Helper

2 About Pathwork®

What is Pathwork?

Where the teachings come rrom

Who is the Pathwork Guide?

More about Pathwork teachings

How this differs from therapy

3 It’s not all talk, talk, talk

There’s always a story

The whole point of the work

The spiritual aspect of the work

Just breathing and feeling

4 What we’re listening for

We’re listening from the get-go

Listening for dualities & images

Listening for faults

5 Down to brass tacks

Getting into the work

Welcoming all of the selves

Accessing and aligning with the Higher Self

Inviting in the Lower Self

• Working with honor cords

• The power of the pillow

Working within the body

Staying present in our own body

6 Getting into the nitty-gritty

Connecting with anger

Transforming the inner No

Working with sexuality

7 Holding the space

What about transference?

What is Helper Consciousness?

The importance of grounding

Working with groups

8 Attending to the details

A word about attuning

Money and spiritual work

Knowing when to refer out

Please say this isn’t the end

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