Blinded by Fear

Insights From the Pathwork® Guide on How to Face Our Fears

It’s an error to think that becoming aware of our fears—of turning towards them and facing them in the light—will give them more power. Yet too often we turn a blind eye, hoping to avoid something unpleasant.

In truth, it’s not awareness of our fears that causes us problems, but our fearful attitude about even looking at them. By not facing our fears, we keep fighting the parts of ourselves that happen to be in fear, right now. We cramp up our whole being—including our bodies—bracing ourselves against feelings of fear.

In this collection of insights, fear is illuminated from many perspectives. Because it’s only by bringing our fears into the fresh air of our conscious awareness that they lose their terrible roar.


1 The Mother of All Fears: Fear of Self
2 Fully Facing our Fear of Loving
3 Finding Freedom and Peace by Overcoming Fear of the Unknown
4 Finding True Abundance by Going Through Our Fear
5 Giving up our Fear-Filled Struggle to Guard our Secrets

6 The Painful Predicament of Both Desiring and Fearing Closeness
7 How Fear of Releasing the Little Ego Spoils Happiness
8 Three Things that Underpin Self-Fulfillment
9 Our Fundamental Fear of Bliss

10 What is Pathwork®?
11 What is Phoenesse®?
12 What is The Guide Speaks?

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