Blinded by Fear

Insights from the Pathwork® Guide on How to Face our Fears

Did you ever look out the window of a plane and see a solid carpet of clouds? They appear to go on forever, and they look so real. Indeed, they are real, yet they are not something we can walk on. And of course we know this. So when it comes to clouds, it’s not hard to realize that all is not as it appears. 

Blinded by Fear: Insights from the Pathwork Guide on How to Face our Fears

Did you ever face a fear that you just couldn’t shake. You knew it wasn’t real—after all, fear is an illusion, right?—but still. If we want to come out from under our fears, we’ll need to sort through them and see what they’re made of. We’ll need to learn about these fantastic illusions so the next time we see one, we won’t fall so easily under its spell. 

So let’s jump in. It’s time to see, for real, what’s hiding behind our fears.

–Jill Loree

P.S. I have rewritten these Pathwork Guide teachings with the Guide sitting next to me, whispering in my right ear. My task was to make them clear and easier to read. His mission was to make sure I understood what I read before I reworked it, and to offer suggestions. The Guide is great. Any errors are mine. 


1 The Mother of All Fears: Fear of Self
2 Fully Facing our Fear of Loving
3 Finding Freedom and Peace by Overcoming Fear of the Unknown
4 Finding True Abundance by Going Through Our Fear
5 Giving up our Fear-Filled Struggle to Guard our Secrets

6 The Painful Predicament of Both Desiring and Fearing Closeness
7 How Fear of Releasing the Little Ego Spoils Happiness
8 Three Things that Underpin Self-Fulfillment: A Positive Concept of Life, Fearlessness to Love, and a Balance Between Activity and Passivity
9 Our Fundamental Fear of Bliss

10 What is Pathwork®?
11 What is The Guide Speaks?
12 Q&As with the Pathwork Guide About Fear

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