Word for Word

An Intimate Exchange Between a Couple of Kindred Souls

By Jill Loree and Scott Wisler

What does it really look like, not just to talk the talk, but also to walk the walk of a spiritual path?

Surprisingly insightful and at times pretty funny, Word for Word is a unique collection of text and email messages written back and forth between a couple of died-in-the-wool spiritual seekers, Scott and Jill, as they walked headlong into a new relationship that would prove lasting.

Typos and punctuation have been cleaned up to aid readability, but believe it or not, nothing has been added or subtracted nor has anything been tweaked so the two don’t look too strange. You’ll see.

Excerpt from Word for Word

From: Scott Wisler

Subject: Norway pic 4

On Monday, Oct 17, 2016, at 2:14 AM EST (8:14 AM in Norway), Scott Wisler wrote:

If you zoom in on Helgeroa, Norway, and look at the marina, you’ll see a tiny island in the harbor. It has a cute little cottage on it that somebody lives in year-round. Charming in the summer. I’m guessing cold and damp in the winter. 

Word for Word: LIttle red house on an island in Norway


From: Jill Loree

Re: Norway pic 4

On Monday, Oct 17, 2016 at 6:43 AM EST (12:43 PM in Norway), Jill Loree ‪wrote:

Oh man, I so want to live in that little red house! It’s probably genetic. I am reminded of Garrison Keillor’s description of the Norwegians who settled in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area. We are a people who left Norway, travelled half-way around the world, and didn’t stop till we found a place as cold and miserable as the one we had left. 

‘Charming in the summer; ass-freezing in the winter’ describes my childhood homeland to a T. 



From: Scott Wisler

Re: Norway pic 4

On Monday, Oct 17, 2016, at 6:48 AM EST (12:48 PM in Norway), Scott Wisler wrote:

Having been to northern Minn, I can validate most of this. The charming in the summer part, anyway. The forest and the land really do speak of the ass-freezing cold, if you listen. I nearly went back a few years ago on a whim to skinny dip in all five great lakes in one summer…

This does put your father’s family motto, burned into a block of local pine, into more perspective. It’s an evolutionary step forward from Swedish stoicism. My friend Nik in Stockholm told me in northern Sweden, the man’s motto is “Hell no. Not going to change”. He he.


On Monday, Oct 17, 11:14 PM EST, (5:14 PM in Norway), Scott Wisler sent a text:

I think the Trolls were crossing my path today. I’m going to go spend some time in the gym with the heavy bag.


Text from Jill: Walk it off. Perhaps no candles today but envision a light in the future when you and I will have a proper chance to meet. 🙂


Scott: Yep, walk it off. I could not make this day up. A proper chance to meet sounds really nice. 


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