About us

About us

Phoenesse brings clarity to this powerful spiritual path

Jill Loree began studying the teachings of the Pathwork Guide in 1997. In 2015, she began dedicating her life to making these teachings easier for others to access.

Gain an eye-opening perspective on life and the work of self-transformation with this overview of these spiritual teachings.

Listen to 150 spiritual teachings—from 9 spiritual books—as podcasts. Listen to Walker: A Memoir with a Full Access membership.

This collection of 33 spiritual essays paints a powerful picture of what it means to walk a spiritual path.

“You will find how you cause all your difficulties. You have already stopped regarding these words as mere theory, but the better you progress, the more will you truly understand just how and why you cause your hardships. By so doing, you gain the key to changing your life.”

– Pathwork Guide Lecture #78