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Phoenesse offers a fresh approach to timeless spiritual teachings

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Spiritual essays

33 essays for spiritual awakening

This collection of spiritual essays was created over a period of three years, 2019-2022, inspired by Pathwork teachings. This body of work paints a powerful picture of what it means to walk a spiritual path and become a more spiritual person.

After the Ego: Insights From the Pathwork® Guide on How to Wake Up

We can heal

2-book series

Guidance for this new era

These two spiritual books show us how to face our fears and wake up. This is the way to free ourselves from the pain we create for ourselves and each other. By working together, we can heal.

  • AFTER THE EGO: Insights from the Pathwork Guide on how to wake up

  • BLINDED BY FEAR: Insights from the Pathwork Guide on how to face our fears

Real.Clear.: A Fresh Collection of Spiritual Teachings

The Real. Clear. series

7 books

100 clear, easy-to-read teachings

The teachings in the Real.Clear. spiritual book series align with lectures given by the Pathwork Guide, an articulate spirit being who spoke volumes of spiritual wisdom through a woman named Eva Pierrakos.

In her work, Jill Loree has been inspired by the Guide to rewrite a subset of these spiritual teachings using her own voice. As such, the books in the Real.Clear. spiritual book series convey the same message as the original lectures, using clear, easy-to-read language.

  • HOLY MOLY: The Story of duality, darkness and a daring rescue

  • FINDING GOLD: The search for our own precious self

  • BIBLE ME THIS: Releasing the riddles of Holy Scripture

  • THE PULL: Relationships & their spiritual significance

  • PEARLS: A mind-opening collection of 17 fresh spiritual teachings

  • GEMS: A multifaceted collection of 16 clear spiritual teachings

  • BONES: A building-block collection of 19 fundamental spiritual teachings

  • NUTSHELLS: Snippets from Bones, Gems & Pearls

The Self. Care. series

3 books

How to heal ourselves and others

At approximately ten pages each, the 244 lectures that collectively form the body of Pathwork teachings create a very large amount of material—not to mention the thousands of Q&As. It can be hard to get your arms around so many spiritual offerings.

Each self-care book in this series is designed to offer a high-level view of the basics of this healing path.

More spiritual books

5 books

More perspectives

Jill Loree offers more spiritual books for finding the truth of who we are. Explore the spiritual teachings and stories in these books, and discover the true beauty of self-knowing.

  • WALKER: A memoir

  • WORD FOR WORD: An intimate exchange between a couple of kindred souls

  • LIVING LIGHT: On seeking and finding true faith

  • KEYS: Answers to key questions asked of the Pathwork Guide

  • SPIRITUAL LAWS: Hard & fast logic for forging ahead