Spilling the Script

Spilling the Script

An overview of Pathwork teachings


SPILLING THE SCRIPT: A concise guide to self-knowing

Our Lower Selves are all following the same script, and the plot is always the same: to keep us in separation. It’s only by getting to know our true Higher Selves—where we long for deeper connection—that we can change the storyline of our lives. Now, in Spilling the Script, Jill Loree pulls together the powerful spiritual teachings from the Guide to expose the source of our difficulties and give us the map we need to live authentically and become free from struggle.

This concise guide to self-knowing delivers a clear, high-level perspective about the spiritual work of self-discovery, which is key for creating harmony, inside and out. For that’s exactly what will happen—we will create inner and outer harmony—when we make contact with our divine core.

Truth is, at the center of our beings, we are already fully healed and walking on sunshine. If that’s not our day-to-day experience, this just points out to us where we still have work to do to clear some clouds. These teachings from the Pathwork Guide act like rainmakers to empty the air of heaviness and lead us to live on the lighter side of life.

Bit by bit, as we come out of the trance we have been in, we will begin to see cause and effect and to take responsibility for the state of our lives. Gradually, our lives will transform. And we will once again sense our essential nature and eternal connectedness with all that is.

These teachings from the Pathwork Guide act like rainmakers to empty the air of heaviness and lead us to live on the lighter side of life.

These teachings from the Pathwork Guide act like rainmakers to empty the air of heaviness and lead us to live on the lighter side of life.

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“You will find how you cause all your difficulties. You have already stopped regarding these words as mere theory, but the better you progress, the more will you truly understand just how and why you cause your hardships. By so doing, you gain the key to changing your life.”

Pathwork® Guide Lecture #78

The promises of healing through spiritual work

In the course of doing spiritual work, we develop on various levels of our being. For example, in our spirit, we move from the separation of duality to unity. In our mind, we move from wrong conclusions to truth. In our will, we move from forcing currents and withholding to receptivity and a willingness to give. And in our emotions, we move from being blocked and numb to being loving and flexible. In our bodies, we move from being frozen and split to being open and integrated.

Over time, we will develop more awareness, discernment and a truer perception about the world around us. We will shift from our defensiveness, to a stance of openness and transparency. We’ll be wise in our self-disclosure and rigorous in self-honesty. We will learn to become vulnerable and we will know peace.

“The truth is that love is the key to all life and the only safety there is. That is the great truth…Before this truth can be discovered, you need to discover where, within the depths and recesses of your being—not at first conscious to you—you violate this law of truth and love. And every single human being does.”

Pathwork® Guide Q&A #161


Preface and acknowledgments

Part I: Coming to life

Finding the treasure | The self
(Key aspects of the spiritual journey)

Walking the walk | Relationships

Keeping it real | Time and money

Crafting our world | Words

Tuning it in | Balance and order

Opening the veils | The Spirit World

Turning the corner | A new age

Leading the way | Jesus Christ

Making the Loop | Reincarnation

Part II: Meeting the selves

Digging for gold | The Higher Self

Seeing the mirror | The unconscious

Understanding the inner child | The Little-L Lower Self

Embracing the whole | Duality vs unity

Taming the beast | The Big-L Lower Self

Running for cover | Masks and defenses

Letting it go | The ego

Part III: Doing the work

Calling on God | Prayer and meditation

Lifting the lid | Shame

Mining our thoughts | Images

Revealing the face | The God Image

Freeing the force | One energy

Reversing the flow | Negative Pleasure

Unwinding the worst | Faults

Facing the music | Negativity

Giving it up | Negative Intention

Breaking the mold | The No-Current

Aligning with longing | Needs

Holding it in | The body

Bucking the burden | Guilt

Setting the sails | Symbols

Hitting the road | Next steps

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“If you demand of your life—and therefore of any path you contemplate entering—to bypass feeling your anxiety and your pain, to avoid owning up to your dishonesties, your cheating, your spitefulness, your games, and your more or less subtle pretenses, then it might be better for you not to start on this path.

But if you expect a real effort and are prepared to embark on the journey into yourself to find, acknowledge and bring out whatever is in you, if you summon all your inner truthfulness and commitment for the journey, if you find the courage and humility not to appear other than you are even in your own eyes, then you have indeed every right to expect that this path will help you realize your full life, and fulfill your longing in every conceivable way. This is a realistic hope. You will increasingly know it to be so.”

Pathwork Lecture #204