SPILLING THE SCRIPT | Doing the Work of Healing

In the course of doing the work of healing, we develop on various levels of our being.

  • In our spirit, we move from the separation of duality to unity.
  • And in our mind, we move from images and vicious circles to truth.
  • In our will, we move from forcing currents and withholding, to receptivity and a willingness to give.
  • And in our emotions, we move from being blocked and numb, to being flowing and changing.
  • In our bodies, we move from being frozen and split, to being open, breathing and integrated.

Over time, we will develop discernment and a truer perception about the world around us. We will shift from our defensiveness, to a stance of openness and transparency. The emotional reactions of others may affect us, but that doesn’t mean they activate us. We will be wise in our self-disclosure and rigorous in self-honesty. We will learn to become vulnerable and we will know peace.

Spilling the Script: A Concise Guide to Self-Knowing

Following is an overview of doing the work of personal healing.

The Way Out

An Overview of Doing the Work of Healing
Overview of Doing the Work of Healing
  • Something triggers an Emotional Reaction
    Bring reason to our emotions to discover the cause.
  • Come out of Blame and being a Victim
    Take responsibility for seeing cause and effect in yourself.
  • Pray & Meditate to see the truth
    Use mature ego to connect with Higher Self.
  • Find the Image
    Clearly express the statement of the belief.
  • Release Residual Pain
    Feel the pain of unmet needs.
  • Find the Duality
    See the misconception and open to seeing reality.
  • Feel and unwind the Forcing Current
    Or find the collapse into hopelessness.
  • Connect with Negative Pleasure
    Discover the pleasure in being destructive.
  • Recognize Faults
    Reveal the triad of pride, fear and self-will.
  • Transform Negative Intention
    Find where you need to give.
  • Search for a No-Current
    Find faulty thinking that undermines fulfillment.
  • Uncover Real Needs
    Pray and meditate to connect with our longing.
  • Impress soul substance with New Awareness
    Re-educate the inner child with the truth.
  • Pray for Healing
    Divine energy fills and heals the wound.
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