The Self. Care. series

The Self. Care. series

A 3-book how-to-heal series

A high-level overview

Each self-care book in this series is designed to introduce the basics of this healing path to spiritual seekers. Read in any order.

If you demand of your life—and therefore of any path you contemplate entering—to bypass feeling your anxiety and your pain, to avoid owning up to your dishonesties, your cheating, your spitefulness, your games, and your more or less subtle pretenses, then it might be better for you not to start on this path.

But if you expect a real effort and are prepared to embark on the journey into yourself to find, acknowledge and bring out whatever is in you, if you summon all your inner truthfulness and commitment for the journey, if you find the courage and humility not to appear other than you are even in your own eyes, then you have indeed every right to expect that this path will help you realize your full life, and fulfill your longing in every conceivable way. This is a realistic hope. You will increasingly know it to be so.”

– Pathwork Lecture #204

A concise guide to self-knowing

Get a bird’s-eye view of the Guide’s teachings in Spilling the Script, a single book that boils down these powerful and profound teachings into one comprehensive perspective that covers all the high points. This book effectively spills the beans on the most insidious part of ourselves, the Lower Self, and illuminates the full scope of the work we need to do to bring our divinity fully out into the light.

How to help using spiritual guidance

The work of healing our fractured inner selves takes a little finesse and a lot of willingness to stick with it. We also need the skilled help of someone who has gone down this road before. Being a Helper then is about applying all we have learned on our own healing journey to help guide others through the process of reunifying their fragmented hidden places.

That may sound simple, but it’s surely not easy. It’s also not easy to be the Worker, the one who does this work of spiritual healing. Now, with Healing the Hurt, everyone can understand the important skills needed by a Helper to assure Workers find what they’re looking for.

Healing our body, mind and spirit by getting to know the self

This free self-help book paints with a broad stroke, revealing the greater picture of what it is we’re trying to accomplish and helping us understand why it can be so tricky to do this work of self-healing. Written in plain English, including real-life examples, Doing the Work arms spiritual seekers with the tools needed to take on the task of self-transformation, which is arguably the most satisfying thing a person can do with their life.