Living Light

Living Light

A collection of spiritual essays based on Pathwork teachings


LIVING LIGHT: On seeking and finding true faith

What greater gift could we give ourselves than to wake up and bring forward the Christ consciousness that dwells within. To become a living light. Indeed, every time we listen for the truth, we will find the light of Christ within. And there is nothing greater for us to uncover than this, and to find true faith. For that’s the moment we’ll know there is truly nothing to fear.

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1 THE FORCES OF ACTIVITY AND PASSIVITY | Searching inside the Serenity Prayer and finding God’s will

2 MOBILITY IN RELAXATION | Could this be the answer…to everything?

3 SELF-CONFIDENCE | How can we get more?

4 DISCIPLINE | The fine art of self-discipline

5 BURIED BELIEFS | Really, how bad could they be?

6 TRANSFERENCE VS. PROJECTION | The world is our mirror

7 FREE WILL | Why doesn’t God take away our suffering?

8 SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT | Nourishing ourselves with truth

9 FORGIVENESS | One tough nut to crack

10 THE FIVE STAGES OF LOVE | Insecure and in love: Is this even possible?

11 ATHEISM | Where does it come from?

12 DENIAL | The mind-blowing damage of denying our darkness

13 MONEY & POLITICS | The Almighty vs. the almighty dollar: Which do we trust?

14 SHAME | The right and wrong kind

15 SHAME OF THE HIGHER SELF | We’re ashamed of our best self. Crazy, right?

16 NEGATIVE PLEASURE | The link between pleasure and cruelty

17 THE MASS IMAGE OF SELF-IMPORTANCE | The folly of needing to feel special

18 THE THREE STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT | The movement toward giving

19 THE WALL WITHIN | Where, really, is the wall?

20 THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT | Who runs the world?

21 FAITH VS. WORKS | Is it really one or the other?

22 EASTER | On rising again

23 CHRISTMAS | The brilliant message of Christmas lights

24 THE VIRGIN MARY | What if Mary wasn’t—*gasp*—a virgin?

25 THE CROSS | What is the symbolism?

26 THE REAL MEANING OF MEEK | Meek vs. mild: Which delivers the goods?

27 BAPTISM | Doing the work vs. dipping in water: Which saves more?

28 THE LIGHT | How do we uncover our light?

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