As the author of this collection of teachings, I want to be clear with readers that I am not the originator of these teachings. For the most part, that would be the Pathwork Guide, a spirit entity who spoke volumes of rich spiritual knowledge through a woman named Eva Pierrakos. Eva died in 1979 after dedicating 22 years to bringing this wisdom into this world. My gratitude for her is unending.

The original teachings, which are available online for free from the Pathwork Foundation, are a treasure-trove of goodness. They are powerful and deep, but let’s be honest, they’re not easy to get through. They are also not organized in a way that makes them readily accessible.

So one of the qualities I hope to add—through my own inspiration and spiritual guidance—is to make them easier to read. The other has been to organize the material in such a way that more people can navigate their way through all it offers.

Since the mid-1990s, I have worked deeply with these teachings in doing my own personal work of self-transformation. They are now woven into the very fiber of my being. They have pulled me up from the depth of my wounds and helped me reorient myself in remarkable ways.

And so it has become my passion to share them with others, so that anyone who is hurting can find their way to freedom from pain. For it is possible.

We can all become living beacons of light. Follow me.

—Jill Loree

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