The light inside us knows all, fears nothing, and lives forever. It is the light of Christ.

There was a time in our history when everything had to be experienced outside ourselves. We just weren’t developed enough to see things on their inner level. So everything was seen facing outward. Even the coming of Christ had to be experienced this way.

And so it was that a human being appeared on Earth who was a person of amazing purity, filled with more Christ light than anyone before him or after. He was, in fact, Christ the King, walking among us on this difficult plane of matter.

It’s a misunderstanding to believe that Christ is going to come again in that same way. Why would he when he doesn’t need to? For Christ lives in the heart of every being that breathes and has consciousness. And when we do our work of healing ourselves, we birth more and more of Christ’s light into the world.

Yes indeed, each time we uncover a misconception or find a hidden area of disharmony, we are discovering an obstruction to the Christ within.

Beholding the gift of the light

As we turned the corner into the twenty-first century—the age of Aquarius—a powerful infusion of Christ consciousness washed over us. This is not some weak, sentimental force, by any means. This energy holds tremendous power, and as it has been sweeping our sphere, it has been shaking us, loosening our hold on our destructiveness to make room for more joy and pleasure.

As it turns out, the peace and joy that comes from this shift can only be experienced by purifying our soul. For when we are contracted, we can’t bear it. So we simply can’t get there through our anxious, negative, rejecting ways.

Truth be told, our typical tendency is to create circumstances all around us that seem to justify our misery and our darkness. And yet we are the ones who have courted such unpleasant surroundings. To the degree we do this, we lack the courage to shift into new ways of being.

This wave of powerful of energy is showing us that life can be good, and we can afford to be generous. We can afford to let others be their best, and we can afford to give up our little self-interests.

We can afford to open up to new states of loving, and have the courage to risk being in truth—to hear it, to speak it, and to know it.

We can afford to be humble, letting the best flow out of us and knowing we are also open to receiving the best.

Such are the gifts symbolized by the ornaments on our Christmas trees. They are real and we can renew them every time we point out to our loved ones what we’re observing, and then listen with an eager ear for what is the truth. Whenever we feel hurt or rejected or misjudged, we can listen for the truth. And when we find it, we will find the Christ within.

In our true self, deep in the heart of our soul, there is nothing to fear. For it’s not true that we don’t matter, that we’re not worthy, that we’re not good enough. But until we know that for certain, we must live simultaneously in two worlds.

We start off believing that only this material world of matter is real. But this is not the only reality there is. At first, it’s our separated consciousness that manages to know this. But as we go along on our path, slowly but surely making progress, our mind expands beyond what it has previously known to be true. At some point, our mind makes a leap into knowing that there really is another consciousness that is so much more real than this life of matter.

That’s when we begin the journey of uncovering who we really are.

Connecting within and with others

There is no greater gift we can give to ourselves than to create a connection with this source within. For this light inside us is our true identity. It knows all, fears nothing, and lives forever. It is the light of Christ.

We are continually bathed in this light, which is truly indestructible. It can be hidden and distorted, but never destroyed.

So with our feet firmly planted in both of these worlds, our task is to bring this inner reality out into our lives, to infuse matter with this newly born light. This can happen in every minute of every day, if we are willing to make the effort to find it and bring it forth.

Each time we make a new realization of the truth—that we are loved, that we matter, that we are good enough—we give birth to Christ. Each time we choose connection over separation, kindness over malice, understanding of truth over the satisfaction of feeling right, we uncover a light in our own souls.

Eventually all these many little lights will shine onto other souls, until all the lights converge into one huge sea of light. This is a sea of joyful awareness.

This is how communities can grow in their beauty and their abundance, making more and more room for the light of Christ to guide us and protect us. In this way, we can discover a new oneness with each other, even as we had started off as strangers with walls all around us.

Slowly, as these walls begin to crumble and the illusion of separation falls away, a oneness of consciousness can emerge. We will discover a love that exists between all the various aspects of God. For each one of us is an individual expression of that greatness.

Knowing this will not diminish us or shrink our personality, but rather create a bridge extending from one soul to the next. This truly is what can happen when we create a greater awareness of our inner being, our beautiful inner light. And each holiday light on our tree, in our homes, and throughout our communities represents this.

This is the brilliant message of Christmas lights.

—The Guide’s wisdom in Jill Loree’s words

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