What if Mary wasn’t—*gasp*—a Virgin?

The Virgin Mary

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Channeling seemed a bit of a parlor trick back in the 1960’s and 70’s when the Pathwork teachings were arriving. That was a time when Ouji boards were popular and séances were in fashion. Turns out, channeling isn’t just so latest century. A few millennia ago, it was also all the rage.

We heard that "Mary was a pure spirit" and jumped to the wrong conclusion that she was a virgin.

There’s a really good reason for this: channeling was necessary. For one thing, all these human beings were arriving on the planet cloaked in even more Lower Self garb than what we see today. We started coming here specifically because our souls were very tarnished and we needing to start seeing our own Lower Self for what it is—separation from God—and to start making our way back home.

But it’s a double-edged sword to arrive here ready to work our way back when there was so little light available to show us the way. When we understand the story of how we came to be in this state*, it’s not hard to see that balancing forces must be present here on Earth. One aspect of this is that if light forces have always been allowed to come here to help us, then dark forces have been welcome too.

So for every being of light that has come here throughout the ages to help show us the way back to God, about 20 beings from Lucifer-land came through the gates as well. It was lopsided like that—and still is—because the forces of light outweigh the impact of darkness by a lot.

A being like Chrust could never have been born to a mother who had herself participated in the Fall

In addition to the actual light beings walking the planet, certain people had the ability to open their mouths and allow pearls of wisdom to come through. In short, messages from the light world of God could be channeled in an effort to help guide and direct us. But needless to say, it was hit or miss whether clean messages made it through clearly given humanities overall level of development. Beyond that, what was said was subject to interpretation by the people listening.

All kinds of guidance was given to us in this way, and without it we couldn’t have found our way to where we are today; we’d still be lost, or at least more lost. A very important piece of information shared through this such channeling was regarding the mother of Jesus Christ. For Christ indeed was—and still is—the highest created being and he came here on a serious and magnificent mission.

In so many ways, Christ was not quite like the rest of us. For starters, he never tumbled his way through the Fall*, causing the need to overcome distortions and negativity like the rest of us. In short, Jesus Christ, like a handful of other visiting pure spirits, did not have a Lower Self. And quite simply, a being like that could never have been born to a mother who had herself participated in the Fall.

The upshot of this is that Christ, by necessity, could only have been born to a pure being, a soul who had never strayed from God and gone sliding through the Lower-Self mud of resistance and wrong thinking. When this powerful message was conveyed through a channel, we heard that “Mary was a pure spirit” and due to the level of our own fledgling development at the time, jumped to the wrong conclusion.

—Jill Loree

P.S. Pause and consider what it does to a woman’s psyche to be told, often from a very young age, that in essence, “if you were really at the top of your game like, say, Jesus’ mother, you’d be a virgin.”

Any and all untruths have a rippling negative effect, and so perhaps it’s time we stop carrying this one forward any further. As the Guide explains, it’s not that God couldn’t have made an exception to how the laws of conception worked regarding Jesus’ birth, but there was no reason to do so.

As a pure spirit, Mary deserves every ounce of devotion and admiration she receives. She also deserves to be revered as the blessed and beautiful sexual woman she was who conceived a child naturally and bore an amazing son. There is much here to both honor and amend.

*As explained in Holy Moly: The Story of Duality, Darkness and a Daring Rescue.

Read more in Jesus: New Insights into His Life and Mission by Walther Hinz. This is a compilation of teachings about Jesus Christ, delivered by Beatrice Brunner.

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