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Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead

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Just what are the laws that rule this precious land? Turns out, there are an infinite number of laws that govern everything that happens. And while Spiritual Laws does not claim to be comprehensive in covering them all, this sampling of teachings from the Pathwork Guide does a nice job of explaining how this sphere works.

Understanding this will help us grasp the truth that behind our trials, there is a method. That someone or something is behind life, working out a plan. So gather round and listen up, because there are important guidelines we could all stand to know more about, and the hammer is about to drop.

—Jill Loree

Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead is a summary of the Guide’s teachings mentioned throughout the Pathwork lectures regarding spiritual laws.

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1 Feelings

2 Exhaustion

3 Giving & Receiving

4 The Ego

5 Justice

6 Free Will

7 Cause & Effect

8 Making an Effort

9 Faults

10 Balance

11 Self-Responsibility

12 Course-Correction
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13 Cheating Life

14 Health

15 Duality & Unity

16 Mutuality

17 Being Affected

18 Misunderstandings

19 Power

20 Self-Realization

21 Growing

22 The Nature of Life

23 Self-Perpetuating Circles

24 Creating

25 Making Connections

26 Masculine and Feminine

27 Opposites

**12 Course-Correction

Over the long haul, whatever happens must be for the good, for that’s how divine laws have been constructed. Basically, when we zag in a direction that opposes God’s will and therefore spiritual laws, we will feel the pinch and be motivated to zig back into line, to course-correct.

These are loving laws we’re talking about, designed to help us steer clear of making wrong choices using our own free will. For every single itty-bitty decision we make, and every attitude we choose or deed we do, is another chance to get right with God by setting ourselves straight with divine laws.

There is a spiritual law that says we will always be shown the easiest path forward, given the circumstances at hand. But note, the flipside of this means that the longer it takes us to chart a better course, the more difficult the way will become. We so often observe this in action when we get caught in some vicious Lower-Self habit, and the more caught we become, the harder it is to break free. The more we keep running from facing up to our inner misunderstandings, and the more we continue to resist changing, the bigger our hurdles become. This keeps going until our life challenges become so insurmountable they bring us to our knees. Our own unhappiness will eventually lead us to want to make a change.

Keep in mind, we can always turn to God and ask for help in overcoming our obstacles. Perhaps we think God doesn’t care about us and that we shouldn’t burden God with our problems. But how crazy is that? God created this sphere specifically so we could come here and learn to correct our inner errors. And this includes them all, great and small.

Actually, there is really no such thing as a big or little issue. For whatever is happening between us and a small handful of people is the exact same thing playing out on the world’s biggest stages. Some tiny issue in a domestic spat has the same impact—the same importance—as a big international quarrel. Those so-called big issues couldn’t even exist if thousands of minor ones didn’t roll up into them.

So our day-to-day struggles set the precedent for creating the mammoth situations we see playing out on a larger scale. The place to resolve such issues then starts by mindfully examining every distortion we discover in ourselves.

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