When we are born, we don’t yet have an ego. As such, we act like the children that we are, and a child wants to be omnipotent, seeking 100% pleasure and bliss, and it doesn’t yet know about frustration and lack of fulfillment. Along the way to growing up, then, a person has to learn how to make do with limited pleasure, for that’s the deal here in this dualistic dimension. This we must do before we can go on to realize that, yes, total pleasure will be our ultimate stop. But we’re not there yet.

So to accept less is to accept life here on planet Earth. We must wake up to the truth that here on the Good Ship Lollipop, our only option is to let go of our childish ambition for super-perfection, super-power, and super-pleasure. Then, over time, when our egos become sufficiently strong, we can we let go of the ego as well.

But if we fall short of developing a strong ego—one strong enough to make do with less—we’ll end up compensating for our weakness by always wanting more, more, more, which will make us even weaker. This follows along the same lines as the law which says that when we approach life from abundance, we produce more abundance; when we come from a place of poverty, we end up creating more need and more poverty.

Further, when we are living with a weak ego, we lack the outer ability to do what the ego is good for, including thinking, deciding, discerning, and acting in an appropriate way. When our egos are healthy, we have loving, trusting attitudes and are genuinely generous and open, self-assertive and realistic. When we go against the grain of these attitudes, we nurture hate and separation; we’re weak and distrustful and do things that go against our own best interest; we’re hung up in illusion. Boiling it down, when we operate with an unhealthy ego, we’re heading in the opposite direction from the lawfulness of the divine that lives within us.

And this answers the question of why the unhealthy ego works so hard to stay in control. For the ego can’t let go and fall into line with the deeper true self as long as the ego is still clinging to attitudes that aren’t compatible with the truth of divine laws. In short, if we want to be enlivened by our inner being and express our divine nature, we must become one with it. Our outer personality, then, has to make itself compatible with its laws and its way of being.

The spiritual law behind all this requires us to take risks and learn to trust the universe so that we can operate from a position of strength and abundance, not from weakness, neediness and poverty. Paradoxically, to do this, we must come to realize we can be just as happy with less. This is where we must land before we can become ready to abandon this level in search of an even higher state. This is the way forward if we want to avoid living the unfortunate life of a petty ego-bound spirit.

Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead

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