The fusion of energy and consciousness creates an electromagnetic field that has tremendous power. Every single possible outcome is contained in this force field. And every single idea or attitude we have about life creates such a force field. Once a force field gets activated, it sets events, patterns, behaviors and reactions into motion.

These force fields are ruled by the Law of Like Attracts Like. This means our whole approach to life—what we think and believe—will attract or push away people, events and circumstances. So in our work, we must excavate the deep negative emotions that are attached to our false ideas. We must also surface the negative intention we have launched toward life as a result. When we do so, we’ll discover with alarming clarity that what happens to us in life is no coincidence. The world is just lining up according to an immutable law: the Law of Self-Creation.

Spiritual Laws: Hard & Fast Logic for Forging Ahead

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