After each lecture, attendees were encouraged to ask questions. In addition, once a month Eva and the Guide would hold dedicated Question & Answer sessions. Unlike the original lectures, which were prepared by a council of spiritual beings, the Guide answered these questions himself. For this reason, the Q&As embody a somewhat different vibe from the lectures, which—in addition to their shorter length—makes them easier to digest.

The Q&As were either related to the lecture just given, to a person’s personal issues, or to life in general. They offer a wisdom and perspective that has the potential to change a person’s worldview. On The Guide Speaks, Jill Loree has sorted the thousands of questions into topics to make the answers more accessible, and has made them available for free online:

Read Q&As related to to the topic of fear on The Guide Speaks:

Fear | General

Fear & Hostility in Relationship

Fear of Abandonment

Fear of Another

Fear of Being Destroyed

Fear of Being in the Now

Fear of Change

Fear of Closeness

Fear of Commitment

Fear of Criticism

Fear of Death

Fear of Good Feelings

Fear of Letting Go

Fear of Losing Good Feelings

Fear of Love

Fear of Making Decisions

Fear of Murder

Fear of Opening Up

Fear of People

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Self

Fear of Sex

Fear of Success

Fear of Surpassing Parents

Fear of The Unknown

Overcoming Fear


Blinded by Fear: Insights From the Pathwork® Guide on How to Face Our Fears

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