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Spiritual books by Phoenesse

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Spiritual essays

GET A BETTER BOAT: Trustworthy teachings for difficult times
A collection of 33 spiritual essays that offer guidance for navigating the challenges of this new era

We can heal 2-book series

AFTER THE EGO: Insights from the Pathwork® Guide on how to wake up
A collection of 17 Pathwork teachings that enlighten our understanding of the all-important process of waking up

BLINDED BY FEAR: Insights from the Pathwork® Guide on how to face our fears
A collection of 9 Pathwork teachings that illuminate the difficult but unavoidable work of facing our fears

Real. Clear. 7-book series

HOLY MOLY: The story of duality, darkness and a daring rescue
Fascinating teachings about our journey out of darkness, including explanations about the Fall and Plan of Salvation

FINDING GOLD: The search for our own precious self
Enlightening teachings about the journey to finding ourselves

BIBLE ME THIS: Releasing the riddles of Holy Scripture
Answers to questions asked of the Pathwork Guide about the meaning of various Bible stories, myths and verses

THE PULL: Relationships & their spiritual significance
Valuable teachings about what’s behind significant relationships and their powerful ability to surface our deep inner work

PEARLS: A mind-opening collection of 17 fresh spiritual teachings
Practical teachings on a variety of interesting spiritual topics, offering pearls of wisdom we can use everyday

GEMS: A multifaceted collection of 16 clear spiritual teachings
Spiritual teachings from the last 50 lectures that illuminate many facets of the process of finding unity

BONES: A building-block collection of 19 fundamental spiritual teachings
Core teachings that are the foundational framework for doing this work of personal healing and self-discovery

NUTSHELLS: Short and sweet spiritual insights
Shortened versions of the teachings in Bones, Gems and Pearls

Self. Care. 3-book series

SPILLING THE SCRIPT: A concise guide to self-knowing
An overview of the main teachings from the Pathwork Guide that exposes the script our Lower Selves are following

HEALING THE HURT: How to help using spiritual guidance
How to use these teaching to help others, working as a coach, therapist, healer, or Helper

DOING THE WORK: Healing our body, mind and spirit by getting to know the self
What it looks like to do this work of self-finding, with personal experiences from Jill Loree and Scott Wisler

More spiritual books

WALKER: A memoir
Jill Loree’s personal story of her lifelong efforts to use a difficult childhood as stepping stones for great growth

LIVING LIGHT: On seeking and finding true faith
Jill Loree’s first collection of posts that reveal various aspects of the journey of finding faith

KEYS: Answers to key questions asked of the Pathwork® Guide
A collection of Pathwork Q&As that offer the potential to completely change your world view

SPIRITUAL LAWS: Hard & fast logic for forging ahead
A high-level look at some of the basic divine laws we must understand and align with to awaken from duality