11 What is Phoenesse®?

The Pathwork Guide offers profound teachings that are only valuable if they are put into service in understanding and unwinding our everyday disharmonies, both large and small. One has to actively apply the Guide’s teachings to be served by them. That’s really the key.

But the lectures are long—roughly 10-12 pages each—and dense, so it takes some mental stamina to get through them. This is where Phoenesse can help.

Doing the Work

Inspired directly by the Pathwork Guide, Phoenesse offers a fresh approach to these timeless spiritual teachings. Phoenesse—pronounced “finesse”—is a registered service mark of Phoenesse LLC, founded by Jill Loree.

In the Real.Clear. spiritual book series, Jill Loree has rewritten nearly 100 of the teachings using easier-to-read language, and organized them by topic. Podcasts of each teaching are also available online.

In the Self.Care. How-to-Heal teaching series, Jill Loree offers a high-level overview of the work, identifying the various parts of the self and showing how to actually go about doing the work of healing.

You can also read an overview of the Pathwork Guide’s teachings here on the Phoenesse website.

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