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Here is an overview of the powerful spiritual teachings you’ll find throughout Phoenesse.

The Work of Healing: An Overview of Spiritual Teachings from the Pathwork Guide

The Work of Healing

What We’re Here to Learn

We can boil down our entire journey of spiritual growth and personal healing into two key ideas. Self-responsibility is one of them, and waking up is the other.

While reading through this overview of these spiritual teachings, consider how we can learn to take responsibility for all of our life experiences by seeing where and how they originate inside of us. If we do this, we will gradually become aware of aspects of ourselves we simply hadn’t been aware of before. Then we can wake up from duality and start to live, more and more, from our true inner center rather than our ego.

Learn about the work of incarnating as a human into this land of duality, and the steps we can take to unwind our difficulties and free ourselves from struggle. More

The Prequel: Spiritual Teachings about the Fall and the Plan of Salvation

The Prequel

How We Arrived Here

Duality didn’t just happen. We each made choices that led us to experience everything in its distorted, or negative, form. How did this come about? Here is a story of events—an incredibly shortened version of an immensely huge understanding—that may help us see the truth of cause and effect. 

Learn about the series of events that unfolded in the Spirit World, landing us here in this difficult dimension. More

The Rescue: Spiritual Teachings about the Mission of Christ

The Rescue

The Mission That Built Us a Bridge

Many of us have had experiences involving a church that cause us to reject anything remotely sounding like religion. Since we’re so turned off, we turn away from hearing a perspective that offers a markedly different take on things.

If this is the case for you, consider the possibility that there’s another way to see Christ, in a new light. The invitation is to listen with fresh ears.

Learn what happened when we lost our free will, how we got it back, and who we should thank. More

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