1 Jewels in the heart

2 A simple test for life

3 Paying attention: The life-changing process of waking up

4 The Real Self vs the True Self

5 Finding the light switch: My husband, the ego and imposters

6 From believing to knowing: The trip of a lifetime

7 Taking the more mystical way home

8 Two Martin Luthers, two kinds of faith

10 After isolation: Approaching the Great Transition

11 Living on the good side of life

12 How inner obstacles let in dark forces

13 Closing the gaps in our awareness

14 What’s hiding beneath our stories?

15 Suffering? It’s time to search for images

16 Four hard lessons about immaturity and images

17 Why did God make war?

  • Appendix A: Five ways to learn about the Fall and the Plan of Salvation

19 What’s behind all the resistance?

20 Feeling lost? Here’s how to find yourself

21 Healing from every angle, in body, mind and spirit

22 The tricky thing about self-responsibility

23 How to swim with life, by evolving and resolving our splits

24 Playing the long game

25 The key to a happy marriage? Honesty

26 The story of our lives: Why look within?

27 How to heal a country

28 Learn to fight the right way, for the right thing

29 The truer way to freedom

30 Humor can heal, but sometimes it just hurts

31: Part Three: The way out of misery

32 Untangling the twisted threads of friction

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