How and Why we Recreate Childhood Hurts

How and Why we Recreate Childhood Hurts

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Children have more than just a desire to be loved; they want to be loved exclusively, without any limits. In other words, every child’s desire for love is unrealistic…Since they seldom receive an adequate amount of warmth and mature love, children remain hungry for it throughout their whole life…Essentially everyone—even the most diligent spiritual seekers—overlooks just how strong the link is between the unfulfillment of our childhood longings and our present-day problems. This isn’t just a nice a theory…

No matter how much we might love our parents, unconscious resentments still simmer under the surface…Inside us is this inner child that can’t let go of the past because it can’t make sense of it; so it also can’t accept and can’t forgive. Over and over, it sets up similar conditions, thinking this time it can win…First of all, it is a total illusion that we were ever defeated. So then it’s just as big an illusion that we can now be the victor…

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