Our Habit of Transferring our Split onto Everyone

Our Habit of Transferring our Split onto Everyone

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We’re here because planet Earth is a perfect match for the negativity remaining in us; it offers conditions compatible with our inner landscape…We’re confused about reality and we have a headful of crazy concepts…Where this prevails there’s always conflict, due to split concepts that divide the psyche and don’t arise from the truth …So Earth is nothing more and nothing less than a classroom for people with splits…

Take a look around and we can see the opposites of duality everywhere: man and woman, day and night, life and death. This is one way Earth pairs up the halves of two-way splits…When we find ourselves ensnarled in a dualistic confusion, we are negatively involved with people and with life. But the worst negative involvement that happens is inside ourselves…Our life conditions will be constructed to bring it to the forefront, until we stop evading the issue and roll up our sleeves. Unfortunately, there’s not nearly enough sleeve-rolling going on around Earth-town…

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