The Importance of Feeling All Our Feelings, Including Fear

The Importance of Feeling All Our Feelings, Including Fear

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Just what is this spiritual path of which we speak, overall? Knowing this may allow us to sort out how we fit into the cosmos. What exactly is the point?

One thing that most people are catching onto is how essential it is to face everything inside ourselves—our feelings and convictions, attitudes and negative aspects—that we are either completely unaware of, or not sufficiently so. If we don’t cultivate this awareness, we will never find the center of our being, and that’s really the point: to reach our core where life springs eternal. In the nucleus of our being is where we’ll find our connection to God—because that is God. Or at least an aspect of God. But still, that is everything.

Just behind our sadness and our pain is our spiritual self, filled to the brim with peace and joy and safety. But we can’t activate this with our will. We also can’t get to it with any practices or actions that don’t include all our feelings. But as soon as we turn our bow into the storm of rough waters, the sails of our spiritual center fill completely, as a natural byproduct of the tack we’ve taken.

We won’t realize that the fear is not real—it’s truly an illusion—until we feel it and go through it. We find our strength by feeling our weakness; we find pleasure and joy by feeling our pain; we find safety and security by feeling our fear; we find companionship by feeling our loneliness; we find our capacity to love by feeling our hate; we find true and justified hope by feeling our hopelessness; we find fulfillment right now by accepting the lacks of our childhood.

When we experience these various states and feelings, it’s imperative we don’t delude ourselves into believing they are caused by anything going on right now. They’re not. Whatever is coming up now is only a result of a past we’re still nursing in our system. But if we walk through these gateways, we’ll step into life.


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