When I began writing After the Ego, we were a few months into the global Covid-19 pandemic. I couldn’t have known then, as I began pulling together Pathwork Guide lectures about the ego and consciousness, that this book was destined to be written at this particular moment in time.

I haven’t been so much rewriting these teachings as unpacking them.

As I was writing, I started to see with exceptional clarity what the Guide has been saying all along: Each of these teachings is showing us how to wake up from an ego-centered existence—which necessarily involves clearing away the obstacles of our Lower Self—so we can live more and more from our Higher Self.

Our work is to fully embody our divine inner essence—to live from our light. That’s not just the whole point of this spiritual path, but the whole reason for being human!

Further, it was while writing After the Ego that I realized I wasn’t so much rewriting these teachings as unpacking them.

Backing up twenty-five years, when I started reading and working with Pathwork lectures in the mid-1990s, it was challenging. After all, doing our personal healing work as taught by the Pathwork Guide certainly isn’t easy.

But more than that, the lectures themselves were hard to access. For the teachings are densely packed in several ways:

  1. The text runs all the way across the page.
  2. The paragraphs are very long.
  3. The language is complicated, written in long sentences and cloaked in an obfuscating style.
  4. There are just so many lectures. (There are 244 Pathwork lectures plus thousands of Q&As.)

Together, these seemingly simple factors literally made them very hard to read. What I now realize is that all of this was done by genius design. For there was a message safely hidden in the lectures through these deliberate techniques. That message is revealed in After the Ego, and it was intended for this moment we are in right now.

This is not a 50-year-old message that has been adapted to this era. It’s a message that was specifically crafted to reach us now when this new influx arrived. The influx is the movement of energy and consciousness that is currently sweeping the earth. 

Over the last half-century, many people around the world have been working to heal themselves—to sweep themselves clean—following many different spiritual paths. Such work was necessary for preparing humanity to usher in the new phase we are now entering.

This entire planet is now evolving to the next level, transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. It is time for the whole world to grow up. And to do that, we must wake up. 

I sincerely hope you will join me in helping this to happen. 

In Light, 
Jill Loree

After the Ego: Insights From the Pathwork® Guide on How to Wake Up

Excerpt from Chapter 11: 

This particular spiritual path has been designed to prepare as many people as possible for the great event now sweeping our universe. This requires guilt-free souls who are strong, and who can act for real—not false—reasons… 

Excerpt from Chapter 12: 

Now is the time for the arrival of a new era. The arrival of this event has required that many people were made ready for it—regardless of whether or not those walking a conscious spiritual path have been aware of this preparation. So we have been filing away at our impurities—and we are still doing this work—making ourselves available for a powerful force that is being released in the universe—in the inner universe. 

Many channels and spiritual teachers have been aware of this event, but many have incorrectly interpreted what this event would look like. They’ve had the idea it would come by way of geological cataclysms that would affect humans on the physical level. But this is not true. The changes, which have been in progress for decades already, are changes in our consciousness. And this is exactly what we are working on here… 

Excerpt from Chapter 16: 

This new influx began with the dawning of the New Age. In the new era we are now entering, this energy will affect outer events, often in the most obscure way. Something that appears entirely undesirable—a negative occurrence—will be shown to be, in reality, a necessary event. It is what will move us to establish new values and reestablish life in a way that is based on the spiritual premises of truth and love. Another way to say this is that destructiveness has advanced so far it can no longer be molded, changed or transformed. It needs to be destroyed before we can build a new and better structure… 

After the Ego: Insights From the Pathwork® Guide on How to Wake Up

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