Uncloaking the Three Principles of Evil: Separation, Materialism and Confusion

Uncloaking the Three Principles of Evil: Separation, Materialism and Confusion

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One of the principles of evil is that we actually experience pleasure and excitement when we cause suffering and pain. For people walking a path of self-discovery—whether through therapy, spiritual counseling or the like—the work tends to concentrate on waking up our own inner being, bringing all our inner obstacles into our awareness so we can transform them. This is important and necessary work. We need to get to know our Lower Self and how it operates if we want make another choice. For we are basically a big electromagnetic field that always follows the like-attracts-like rule. Bottom line: we need some information about the three basic principles of evil so we have a more complete and clear view of our lives and what we’re up against…

They all contribute to the aim of the dark forces, which is to alienate us and all of creation from God…We’ve come a long way. People are opening up to accepting God as a creative principle, even though we may hesitate to accept that principles of evil also exist. We drag our feet more still though in accepting that all principles manifest on Earth as entities. We fear being called childish or primitive by those who are too smart to believe in such things…

Knowledge that we are surrounded and influenced by angels does not need to lead us to worshipping angels and overlooking Christ, who was God’s human manifestation and who is the ultimate source of all the help we need. We also don’t need to skip over making a connection with Jesus Christ, as that is what opens a direct line of communication between us and God. Being aware of the presence of spiritual guides and angels also shouldn’t cause us to fear the devils, or dark angels, we attract from time to time…

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