The Pull
The Pull
6 The forces of love, eros and sex
The minute we think, “That’s all there is, folks,” it’s game over. It’s as simple as that with eros.
The minute we think, “That’s all there is, folks,” it’s game over. It’s as simple as that with eros.

People may be confused about a lot of different things, but most of us are somewhat confused about love. And sex. And then there’s that erotic spark. What gives? The forces of love, eros and sex are actually three distinct forces, or principles. And they show up, or don’t, differently on all the various levels. Let’s see if we can sort them out.

When it comes to bang for the buck, the erotic force is the most potent. It’s got momentum on its side and it creates impact. If we have done a lot of spiritual development work already, the erotic force will carry us from the short-lived erotic experience into the mighty and permanent state of pure love. So it’s to be the bridge that takes us from sex to love. But it rarely does. After all, eros can only do so much.

Its momentum will carry a soul just so far and no further. It’s up to the personality to learn how to love. Without this, eros is destined to dissolve. But if one has learned to love, then voilà, the spark of the erotic force lives on. Left all on its own, however, without love to keep it company, it will burn itself out. Pffft. So goes the way of so many marriages.

In many ways, eros looks a lot like love. It conjures up impulses in people that might not surface otherwise. Bursts of unselfishness and affection surge into existence that were unrealized before. So we get confused. Isn’t this love? But eros also looks a lot like the great urge of the sex instinct. Yet it’s not quite the same thing.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the purpose and spiritual meaning of the erotic force. For surely, without eros, many of us would not get a taste of the marvelous feeling and beauty contained in real love. Fear would trump desire and down we’d go in flames.

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