The Pull
The Pull
7 The spiritual symbolism and significance of sexuality
When we defend ourselves, nothing flows in and nothing gets out. So no fusion and no pleasure. No fun.
When we defend ourselves, nothing flows in and nothing gets out. So no fusion and no pleasure. No fun.

Everything we do, whether it comes from our innate, natural Godself or from our less-than-perfect humanity, has a deep spiritual significance. In fact, all of our experiences have a symbolic aspect in which there is a wider, deeper, fuller meaning. And so it is with spiritual significance of sexuality.

So what’s the deeper meaning of the sexual experience? What does the urge to unite physically with another signify? Sure, there’s the need to propagate the species. And yeah, there’s a genuine need for pleasure. But these are only partial answers, and fairly superficial at that.

When we are attracted to someone, there is a yearning to know the other. There is a desire to reveal oneself to the other—to let ourselves be known and found. And we want to find the true being of the other. It is this revealing of ourselves that allows us to enter the full dimension of the other person’s self, who is also seeking to know us. There is an involuntary force that energizes this mutual desire and creates an electrifying blissful feeling and longing.

If this attraction stops short at the physical level without the other levels coming into play, at least to some degree, the sexual experience is going to fall short. So disappointing. It will only be an itty-bitty fraction of what the soul truly longs for, but is too blind or immature to go after. Because full union with another soul requires doing some personal housework to clean up distortions and unify split-off aspects.

Instead, what usually happens is that we grope in the dark, not attracted to the other actual person but to a fabricated image in our minds of what the other should be in order to make us happy. The real person then is totally ignored and blindly denied. To top this off, we get angry when the illusion doesn’t come true. Usually, both parties are equally adept at playing this game. But they don’t know it.

We can use our measure of fulfillment as a good gauge of how much we are seeking the real person. No bliss? Probably not so real. We’re likely superimposing another person, such as one of our parents, over the real person. But if the attraction is genuine and real, we’ll want to reveal ourselves in the most intimate and real way. We’ll desire the closest connection we can get.

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