Five ways to learn about the Fall and the Plan of Salvation


      1. Read Understand the Teachings, Parts 2 & 3, on Phoenesse
        This online overview of the teachings from the Pathwork Guide is available in three parts:


            1. The Work of Healing | What We’re Here to Learn (Part One)

            1. The Prequel | How We Arrived Here (Part Two)

            1. The Rescue | The Mission That Built Us a Bridge (Part Three)

        1. Read or listen to Holy Moly: The Story of Duality, Darkness and a Daring Rescue
          This is an easy-to-read version of 10 lectures from the Pathwork Guide about the life and mission of Jesus Christ, and the origin of duality and darkness.


              1. Read chapters online for free

              1. Get the eBook, paperback or audiobook from online book retailers


                    1. Google Play (ebook)

                    1. Amazon (eBook, paperback or audiobook)
                      (Em português, ebook grátis)

                    1. Apple Books (Included in 3-book collection)

                    1. Barnes and Noble (Included in 3-book collection)

                1. Listen to free podcasts of each chapter in Holy Moly (listen to chapters in order)


                      1. YouTube Podcasts

                      1. Apple Podcasts

                      1. Spotify

                      1. Stitcher

                      1. Phoenesse website

                  1. Get the story of Holy Moly in nutshell

              1. Read the 10 original Pathwork lectures included in Holy Moly:


                1. Read Jesus: New Insights Into His Life and Mission by Walther Hinz
                  Based on channelings by Beatrice Brunner in Germany, this book tells a similar story to Holy Moly, offering greater detail in certain areas.


                      1. Ebook available on Amazon

                  1. These teachings are also woven into Keys: Answers to Key Questions asked of the Pathwork Guide, a collection of Jill Loree’s favorite Q&As with the Pathwork Guide on

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