The Rescue

The Mission That Built Us a Bridge to Get Back Home

These teachings from the Pathwork Guide and this work of Phoenesse have the particular mission. It is to explain the reason for our existence, who came to our rescue, and what we must do to come to terms with duality.

In short, we must work to embrace both halves of any issue. This is how we can find our way back to wholeness. We must also work to transform the negativity that lives inside us. Our goal is to lighten our darkness, rather than rail against an unfair world and remain stuck in our blindness.

By becoming diligent in our efforts to purify ourselves, we have the opportunity to positively affect all those who touch us.

Deal with the Devil

  • Christ was abundantly aware of what was happening—that fallen angels were working to ascend. But we were caught under the domination of Lucifer. Therefore we no longer had the free will to get back to God.
  • In whatever way communication happens among spirit beings, Christ visited Satan. Christ asked him to allow those who had worked to get back to the light to be released. Satan declined the request.
  • As with everyone else, it was critically important that even Satan’s free will be retained. As a result, he too will one day be able to reunite with God in heaven. No one is cast out forever.
  • So Christ asked Satan what it would take to allow ascending spirits to return to heaven. Also, what would it take for Satan to abide by God’s spiritual laws?
    • Satan agreed that if one spirit being—any spirit being—could incarnate on Earth and withstand the full force of Satan’s temptations and still remain true God, then Satan would agree to fight a war with the light forces. And if the light forces won the war, Satan would agree to abide by God’s laws. Through this agreement, Satan’s free will was preserved.
      • Christ elected to be the one to go, since Satan had such intense jealousy for him.
        • Part of the agreement was that whoever went, they couldn’t have the close support of the Spirit World (as all human beings do by way of spiritual guides), during the height of Satan’s efforts.
          • No other human being has had to endure the full extent of Satan’s power as Christ did. And without the help of guiding spirits at critical times, no less.
          • In the end, even after being tempted, tormented and crucified on a cross, Jesus Christ remained true to God, his father in heaven.
        • After Christ’s death, trained spirits from God’s world accompanied Christ into the depths of hell, where a war was fought. And Christ’s side won. (Holy Moly, Chapter Ten: War of the Worlds)
          • Thus was declared the Final Judgment, stating that forever after, here on Earth there is a limit to how far Satan can go in tempting humans. (Gems, Chapter Eight: The Pain of Injustice and the Truth About Fairness)
            • For example, we can only be tempted by Satan to the extent that we retain a fault. So once we do the work of finding and unwinding our faults, Satan can no longer get to us in those areas.
            • Along the way, as we accomplish our work, we are tested to assure we are learning our lessons. During times of tests, our guides from the spirit world must back away. This gives us the opportunity to exercise our free will and make the right choice, all on our own.


  • This is the course of events that occurred, told in story form for easier understanding. This is what opened the doors to heaven for any fallen angel who wants to return home and does the hard work of healing.
    • There is enough truth in each of the world’s major religions to allow a person to follow those teachings, do their work of healing, and ascend to their original place in the Spirit World.
      • All religions also contain distortions. In fact, since this is an imperfect dimension and the duality of good and bad exists in all human beings, the people walking any spiritual path will bring distortions to the way they walk that path. Such is the way of this world.
      • There is no requirement that one must believe in Jesus as being Christ the King in order to arrive into heaven. That said, the truth is that Christ is the King. And as we do our work of unwinding untruth wherever it lives inside us, we will open more and more to know the truth about everything. It is unavoidable, then, that eventually we will come to know this truth as well. In the meantime, there is nothing we must believe. We just need to do our work of healing. (Holy Moly, Chapter Three: Must We?)
        • God asks that we have gratitude to Christ for what he has done for all of us. And God asks that we honor Christ as our King.

The Bible

  • The Bible is a book that is written with meanings on many levels. Most of the deeper levels are hidden from us until we do our own personal work and discover the truth of who we are. Only then will it reveal the vast richness held within. Until then, we will only be able to understand the Bible on the most surface layers. And often, on the surface, it doesn’t make much sense. It was intentionally created this way. (Bible Me This, Chapter One: Understanding the Bible)
    • In the earliest versions of the Bible, the concept of reincarnation was included. For in fact, it is not possible for a fallen spirit to resolve all inner distortions in just one visit to Earth. We must come here many, many times. And each time we incarnate, we have a plan, or task, to heal a specific aspect of ourselves. (Pearls, Chapter Five: Preparing for Reincarnation: Every Life Counts)
      • If we veer away from our plan, our own soul will feel the distress of going against our innate desire to heal. Our souls are like the human body, which begins to heal immediately upon being hurt. And they constantly work to keep healing. In the say way, our souls continually move us in the direction of healing. When we make choices that go in a different direction, we will feel the unpleasant effect. This motivates us to make a better choice. This is an example of the loving way in which God’s laws have been crafted. (Gems, Chapter Seven: Rolling with Change and Overcoming Fear of Death, and Spiritual Laws)
    • Reincarnation was removed from the Bible by early church leaders. They feared that knowing about it could cause us to become lackadaisical in our effort to work on ourselves, thinking we have all the time in the world.
      • The result of this well-intended decision had even more dire consequences however than leaving well enough alone. It has caused us to lose sight of the Plan of Salvation, which was taught in the early years of Christianity. It has also led many to believe that simply believing in Jesus Christ is enough to get us all the way into heaven. In believing that we must only endure this one life, we fail to work tirelessly toward the goal of salvation. The true meaning of salvation is that we now have the very real chance to save ourselves. It does not mean that this work has already been done for us. (Bible Me This, Chapter Seven: Reincarnation in the Bible)

May we all endeavor to walk fearlessly along whatever path leads us to find our deepest, truest selves. For as we work to make our way home to our true selves, we also find God.

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