The Prequel

How We Arrived Here

Below is essentially the story of the Fall, the Plan of Creation and the Plan of Salvation. These things happened prior to the creation of time. So the best way for us to understand these events is in the form of a story. Try not to get lost in the telling, and just receive the essence of the tale.


  • As 3D human beings, we really have no ability to comprehend God. Thinking of God as “a ball of fire emanating a brilliance of light” is as good as anything. And it’s far better than thinking of God as a man-in-the-sky. (Bones, Chapter Fourteen: Exposing the Mistaken Image We have About God)
  • As so many spiritual teachings agree, love is the one power in the universe. So let’s suffice it to say: God is Love.
    • As such, God must create, so love will have something to love.
  • God’s first created being was Christ, who we can call the Son of God.
  • Christ went on to create all the rest of the spiritual beings, who we can call angels.
    • Many nations of angels came into being, each led by an angel-in-charge. In the Spirit World, to lead others is to be responsible for their care and direction.
      • Note, everything that exists on Earth is essentially a poor man’s replica of what exists in the Spirit World. This includes the hierarchical organization of beings.
    • Each created angel after Christ is a double, comprised of both a masculine and a feminine half.
      • The two qualities of masculine and feminine represent two creative qualities, respectively: Make it Happen and Let it Happen. Both of these qualities must always be present for anything to be created. (The Pull, Chapter Seven: The Spiritual Symbolism and Significance of Sexuality)
      • People in the Western half of this world have historically primarily seen the masculine face of God, the active half. In the East, people have primarily seen the feminine face of God, the receptive half. This explains some of the differences between Western and Eastern cultures in the areas of spirituality and religion. (Holy Moly, Chapter 7: God & Creation)

Divine Qualities

  • Each spiritual being aligns more strongly with one of the three main essences of Courage, Love and Wisdom. When in harmony, these three qualities support one another. When they are out of balance, trouble sets in. (Bones, Chapter Seven: Love, Power and Serenity in Divinity or in Distortion)
  • Each being is also has free will. This gives us a fundamental likeness to God. And it is God’s desire that our free will should never be taken from us. So then one day, when we finish learning the lessons of duality, we can once again reunite with God. Without free will, we would remain separate from God forever. (Holy Moly, Chapter One: The Good Lord Willing)
    • Because we have free will, we have been given the responsibility to make choices that are in alignment with God’s will.
      • It was and is God’s will that we should honor Christ as our King.

The Bearer of Light

  • One of the first beings created by Christ was Lucifer, a name that means “bearer of light”. Lucifer was a great leader and somewhat like a brother to Christ.
    • Over time—a very, very long time in heaven-years—Lucifer became jealous of Christ.
      • Christ’s light was even more dazzling than Lucifer’s. And so the reception by the crowds in the many nations they visited was even grander.
    • Slowly and gradually, Lucifer began to convince many other angelic beings that perhaps Lucifer would make a better king.
      • God saw what was happening. But God gave all angels with free will, and was clear in requesting we honor Christ as our King. Crystal clear.
      • Lucifer was incredibly charismatic and while many angels did stay true to Christ, many others did not. If we are here as humans, we did not. (Whether we favored Lucifer a little or a lot, mattered not. But those who only waffled a tiny bit have had an easier time ascending back to God than those who went all-in.)
      • Secretly, all angels who supported Lucifer’s plot in any way, were marked.
    • When Lucifer asked God to make him King, he not only revealed his jealousy of Christ. He also showed disobedience toward God.

The Fall

  • At that point, God set into motion what is known as the Fall, in the Spirit World. All the disobedient marked spirits were swept out of heaven, into a massive dark sphere where Lucifer was ruler. To be fair, a large part of what got us into this trouble was that, as angels, we were highly curious beings. And this led us to explore the opposite side of all-things-great-and-good. Our own curiosity contributed heavily to our demise. (Gems, Chapter One: Expanding Our Awareness and Exploring Our Fascination with Creation)
  • During the Fall, all spirit beings—now no longer angels of God’s world—were split into either a male half or a female half. Like everything else that happened, the split was not perfect.
    • We were also torn apart from the ones we love. They continue to mourn for us and long for our return.
    • As Christ’s created children, he never stopped caring for each of us.
  • In the course of our disobedience, we covered our beautiful Higher Selves with a layer of Lower Self comprised of the opposite of everything good.
  • Lucifer was now our ruler, and he reigns through hate and cruelty.
  • Not everyone in the dark realm experienced the same sort of harsh environment. Some were exposed to extreme cold, others tormenting hot, others intense filth, and on and on. Our version of hell was determined by our own inner distortions.
  • We were in hell for a very long time, trapped under the ruthless domination of Lucifer. (Holy Moly, Chapter Eight: Fall of the Angels)
    • Another way back to heaven was tried, which was easier and shorter, but it failed.

The Plan of Salvation

  • After a very long time in darkness, there came a glimmer of light on the horizon.
    • This light came from our collective longing to return home to God.
    • The longing of the fallen brothers and sisters combined with the longing of those who remained true to Christ, and this set the Plan of Salvation into motion.
      • Note, until all brothers and sisters return to God, there are no more angels coming into being. And our brothers and sisters in heaven have put their own ascension toward perfection on hold as they work tirelessly on behalf of the Plan of Salvation.
    • While God originated the Plan, the main architect of the Plan of Salvation was Christ who designed and polished it down to the very last detail. It provided a way for fallen angels to learn and make different choices: to choose to align with the will of God, or in other words, to align with the good.
    • The Plan called for the creation of a galaxy in which a planet would exist where fragmented spiritual beings, comprised of both a good Higher Self and a not-so-good Lower Self, could do the work needed to heal themselves by transforming their dark negativity back to the light. It took a while, but such a world was created, and this land of duality was a perfect match for fallen angels. (Holy Moly, Chapter Nine: Plan of Salvation)

Positive to Negative

  • In the Spirit World, positive qualities exist and they go on forever, interplaying with other positive qualities to create harmony and remain in balance.
  • During the Fall, all positive qualities were twisted into a negative version.
    • Both positivity and negativity create self-perpetuating circles. (Bones, Chapter Sixteen: How Pleasure Gets Twisted into Self-Perpetuating Cycles of Pain)
      • Whereas positive qualities and actions can go on endlessly, negative qualities and actions create effects that eventually grind things to a halt.
      • Negativity then always lead to crisis during which a destructive creation collapses. In this way, all negativity serves the good in the long run, as something constructive can then be rebuilt from the rubble. (Pearls, Chapter Fifteen: What’s the Real Spiritual Meaning of Crisis?)
    • Faults then—which are all derivations of fear, pride and self-will—are just twisted wiring that needs to be transformed back to its original positive form.
    • Just as our self-selected movement in the Spirit World from the positive to the negative was slow and gradual, so necessarily must be our journey out of our self-created struggles.
      • Similarly, the creation of this planet within this galaxy could have only happened slowly and gradually. (Gems, Chapter Two: The Evolutionary Process and Why We Can’t Stop It)
        • God’s world is organized, methodical and orderly. (Pearls, Chapter Eleven: Bringing Ourselves to Order, Inside and Out)

Influence of Dark and Light

  • Earth grew from the longings emanating from spirits in the world of darkness, as well as from spirits in God’s world of light. Hence beings from both worlds have always had access to Earth.
  • Since the beginning, humans would have fared no better on Earth than in hell if Christ hadn’t sent emissaries to lead us and teach us to make better choices.
    • Down through the ages, many prophets and other highly evolved spiritual leaders have been sent to Earth.
      • Because the forces of good far outweigh the forces of evil, it may seem that there are more “bad” than “good” influences, but this has been carefully balanced by the Spirit World.
    • Over the millennia, numerous people on Earth have developed the ability to channel the voices of divine spirits, who have provided us with valuable instructions.
      • Such a technique was used for the transmission of these very teachings.
      • It was through a channeled message that we were told that Jesus’ mother was a pure spirit, meaning she had not been part of the Fall. For Jesus could not have been born to a spirit being who was still working to overcome their distortions. In our state of our development at that time, we misinterpreted what it meant to be a pure spirit.
  • Since the dawn of life on Earth, Lucifer has sent his henchmen to tempt and torment us, hoping to entice us to continue to follow the base instincts coming from our Lower Self.
    • Since Lucifer had been cast out of God’s world, he had complete authority over all the dark spheres. And since Lucifer had free will, he chose to rule through domination and did not abide by God’s laws of fairness.
    • This meant that Lucifer had free rein to do whatever he pleased to people on Earth.
    • Worse, this meant that people on Earth, along with all the beings still trapped in hell, had lost their free will. We could make the choice to return to God, but Lucifer would not allow us to leave.
      • Regardless of how much work we had done, learning to make the right choices so we could live once again in heaven, when we slept and when we died we continued to return to Lucifer’s spheres of darkness.

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