So how did these foreign layers come into being? Through the Fall of the Angels—for another name for these pure Godlike beings, or Holy Ghosts, is angels. Note the phrase here: Godlike. We are not saying we are God. God is a being, and what we possess has many divine attributes, but not to the same extent as the substance of God himself. The only way we can reunite with God is if the part that is in us becomes purified and free. We can’t be one with God when we’re a fouled up mess.

Another word used to describe the dark, disharmonious worlds that came into existence after the Fall of the Angels would be Hell.
Another word used to describe the dark, disharmonious worlds that came into existence after the Fall of the Angels would be Hell.

Some say God shouldn’t have done this, giving us free will. Or when things started going sideways, he should have stepped in. But this is shortsighted. Happiness can only happen through union with God. And for that to happen, we have to be made of the same substance and endowed with the same qualities. Otherwise, we would not be like God, and thus incapable of union with God. Yes?

Free will and free choice means we can swim upstream if we choose to. It is in abstaining from abuse of power that love and wisdom resides, plus a whole bunch of other good-sounding divine attributes. The power to choose—God gave us so much when he gave us this. We need to understand just how much we were given.

But then we also were given an infinite number of laws. They act to herd us back to God, if we should decide to step out of line. They work in cycles that have to close. No matter what happens, ultimately all who turn away will eventually turn back. The greater the distance from God, the more the misery, the bigger the incentive to make a different choice. Until finally we’re back. Once we open our eyes to this, we will be able to see this at work in our daily life, in even the smallest incidents. We may have a blinding glimpse of the obvious regarding something that has, until now, remained hidden.

So, going back in time—way back in time—spiritual worlds existed for a long, long time where everyone got along and lived in unimaginable bliss. Until one day, one spirit had the genius idea to go rogue and try something different. We can find a symbolic explanation of this in the story of Adam and Eve in paradise.

Actually, it didn’t quite happen that way, although the idea of temptation was there. It’s more like this. If you have great power, and you know it could get you in trouble, but you’re just so darn curious—so what, seriously, would happen if I did that?—that the temptation grows stronger and stronger, until you’re so consumed by it you can’t think of the means to counteract the temptation.

At this point, you have no intention to keep using this dangerous power in a bad way. But you feel you just must try it out. A little bit. Just to see. All the theoretical knowledge you possess—including the awareness that once you give in, you may not be able to resist being swept away by it—dissolves under the weight of this temptation.

Once the first angel fell, it set something big and tragic into motion that could not be changed any more. This spirit once knew this would be so, but no longer cared and didn’t wish to remember this after he succumbed. The result was not an immediate change. No, as these things tend to go, it was gradual. The change from harmony to disharmony was as slow and gradual as our personal change back from disharmony to harmony is going to be. Going forward or backwards, evolution is always such a gradual process—it doesn’t happen suddenly.

Here’s an example you may be able to relate to. Suppose you feel the temptation to take an addictive drug. Everyone knows, including you, that this could be your undoing. It certainly has been for many others. But you have the intention not to succumb to it entirely. You think you can try it just once, to see what it’s like. But after that one time, you can’t escape any more. Because it catches you. It reels you in. The same principle holds true for everything that opposes divine law.

So this one spirit who fell first created a power that ran in the opposite direction from divine law. But it was still the same power, just used differently. And with this, that spirit could influence other spirits—many other spirits—little by little. But not everyone took the bait.

There was a division between those who fell and those who did not. With the former, of course, the Fall of the Angels began. In this process, every divine aspect was turned and twisted into its opposite: harmony to disharmony, beauty to ugliness, light to darkness, wisdom to blindness, union to separateness, and love to hatred, fear and egotism. Then wholeness split even further and evil came into existence.

These various spiritual worlds that God created were psychological worlds, but that doesn’t mean they were unsubstantial or formless. Only here, in our material world, are thoughts and feelings abstract. In other worlds, spirits live in a world that is a creation of their state of mind. Landscapes, housing and objects are all created as a reflex reaction to each state of mind.

This means that only spirits of equal development can live together in such a world. This facilitates life in general, but dramatically slows down individual development. So if attitudes, thoughts, feelings, opinions and goals are what create such a world, then the world of the highest spirits would be beautiful and light. By contrast, the world of the fallen spirits must become dark and ugly.

Since the great Plan was put into operation, many in-between worlds came into being, with varying degrees of harmony and disharmony, according to the state of development the fallen angels had reached. Our material world, planet Earth, is one of these in-between worlds.

At the highest level of development, an individual spirit combines both the male and female aspects of divinity. There is no inner division or disunity at that point. But as a result of the splitting that occurred during the Fall of the Angels, this also split. The fact that we have men and women as separate entities here on Earth is the result of this.

As such, every human being has their counterpart. And our urge to find and reunite with the right partner is nothing other than the deep longing to reunite with our other half. We all will have certain incarnations where we are, indeed, joined with our true double, or counterpart. And in the happiness that such a reunion entails lies a duty to fulfill something.

Other times, we have to go through life without our counterpart. In that lies a fulfillment of another sort. But that doesn’t mean one must lead a life of celibacy. There may be other partners with whom happiness can be built, and with whom other duties may be fulfilled or karma paid off. If that should happen, don’t worry, your true mate is fine with this. No matter how it comes about, if you learn to give love, you come a step closer to God, to your fulfillment, and to your liberation—and so also to your counterpart. The urge for loving through sex is the longing for union so that you can once again be whole. Such fulfillment depends very much on how you go about it.

Animals, plants and minerals are beings at a lower level of development, and are still in a state of further splitting or division. This human condition of being split in half, so to speak, is the last form we reach before reunion with one’s original state can take place.

Another word used to describe the disharmonious worlds that came into existence after the Fall of the Angels would be Hell. Again, these worlds reflect the state of mind of the inhabitants, and came into being as a result of these angels’ state of being, not the other way around. But Hell is not just one sphere. There are many, many spheres there, just as there are many spheres in the divine world, or so-called Heaven.

When the Fall of the Angels took place, not all beings fell to the same state of disharmony or evil. So different spheres came into being within the world of darkness, always corresponding to the individual’s state of mind. But on the whole, it is fair to say that every divine aspect was turned into, more or less, its opposite.

Until we are completely purified, some characteristics of the Fall are still going on inside of us. It’s abundantly helpful to see how this pertains to each of us personally. This is not a distant or far-fetched theory. When you consider your faults, you can now, understanding this, search to discover their original divine aspect. For no fault could come into existence on its own. They are always just a distortion of something that at one time was divine. There’s no need to feel inferior in finding a fault. All is not lost. Nothing is hopeless. This is what we came here to do—to courageously uncover, face and unwind our twisted wiring.

Back in the day, when these worlds of darkness gradually started coming about, divine laws made it possible for the many fallen comrades to regain their happy state of existence. But this required that certain decisions and changes had to be made—always, of course, in accordance with free will. God had planned for this and had made provisions, with the timing left for just the right moment.

This is all part of the Plan of Salvation, which God created and enlisted the help of all the spirits who remained faithful to him to carry out. Also pitching in are the spirits who have reached—and are still reaching—sufficient development after the Fall of the Angels to now help others.

This is worth pausing and giving some thought to. This shines a new light on what life really means, and our reason for existence here. Go a bit further and think about what your personal task may be. Because everybody has a task. Those who have peace of mind have found theirs. Just ask yourself. If you find unrest, haste, nervousness, or anxiety, then ask God to help you find your task. Be open. Ask for guidance.

Maybe your work is to focus on your personal development. Perhaps you’re blind to something that stands in the way of your fulfillment. You don’t need to look high and low. It’s right there, in you. How should you be conducting your life so that God will be pleased with you?

So, circling back to those many spheres of Hell. As we said, there isn’t just one place. There are lots of possibilities for what our own private hell could have been. If our primary essence, in a perfect state, was love—the fire of divine love—then guess what, our hell was wicked hot. Yep, that legend is not so unreal after all.

For another person, their essence might be wisdom, which would mean wise judgment, calmness and detached reflection in a perfect world. These attributes would allow slow divine unfoldment of creative power. Directed to their opposite, though, this would result in a world of icy coldness, icy darkness and desolation. There are an infinite variety of ways dark worlds might be. There are spheres of slime and dirt, spheres of intense suffering through overcrowding or through isolation. It goes on and on and on.

Since one of the most important divine aspects is free will, it only stands to reason that this had to go south too. That spirit who was the first to fall is known as Lucifer, Satan or the devil. The name Lucifer was what he was called when he was a spirit of light. He was a marvelous and beautiful spirit—the “bringer of light.”

He is the one who influenced everyone else to follow him, so he is naturally the one to head up these new other worlds. Being the leader that he was—and is—he had the complete power over all those who followed him. But contrary to God, he used his power. God gives freedom of choice, but not this guy. The opposite then of free choice is the domination of the stronger over the weaker ones.

Here is the nut of the problem. Because this state of affairs would seem to make the salvation of the fallen angels impossible. Even if they wanted to come back to God, they couldn’t. On the other hand, how could God not break his own laws to save them—to save us? Especially those of us who started longing to go back home.

But for God to use his infinite power and overrule the free will he had given us, he wouldn’t then be any better than Lucifer. Here, more than anything else, the maintenance of divine principles was of utmost importance. For only by staying true to himself and his laws would there be a fundamental difference between the ways of God and the ways of the devil.

God’s plan is that we all—each of us—need to come to this point on our own where we recognize God and come back by our free choice to once again live in divinity. So regardless of his good intentions, this didn’t mean he could break the laws and use force. As in so many things, it is not the end alone that counts, but also the means.

Only by sticking to his guns could God be sure that even the most stubborn among us would one day see the vast difference between these two approaches. We need to understand the dignity that lies deep in divine principles, even though this may mean a path of suffering for all of us sad souls who are trying to work our way out of our self-created miserable circumstances.

With all of this said, questions like “why has God not done away with evil?” need not come up any more. But wait, we still have a lot of souls trapped in the realms of Hell. How could they get back?

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