A means had to be found so that those who desired to return to God could do so—without violating anyone’s free will, even that of Lucifer. This is the great Plan of Salvation in which Christ played a major role.

What does salvation by Jesus Christ through the Plan of Salvation really mean? “Salvation,” of course, is one of those blinking words.
What does salvation by Jesus Christ through the Plan of Salvation really mean? “Salvation,” of course, is one of those blinking words.

So those spheres of darkness had come into existence, and everyone there lived under the dominion of Lucifer. And in the beginning, there wasn’t even any longing for the light. But after tasting this self-chosen medicine for a very long time, living in a state of desolation, a vague longing for something else began to take hold. These beings didn’t know quite what they longed for. But there was a longing.

It goes without saying that memory of God and his worlds was extinguished to the same degree that disharmony had set in. But something started to wake up. It was an exceedingly slow process however. Knowledge is light, and this was pitch black.

It’s like here on Earth. If you have no spiritual enlightenment, you have to work just to gain a glimpse of what it is that you might be wanting. Eventually, there was enough longing there to bring a glimmer of light. It was as if a faraway dawn ever-so-slightly changed the contours of their world. The cold wasn’t quite so cold. The hot, not quite so hot. The filth not quite so filthy any more. The loneliness a little more bearable, not quite so hopeless.

Then, when the time was ripe, the material world as we know it came into existence. You could say that God created this material world for us, and that would be true. For nothing can come into being without the creative divine force. But it’s equally true that this world was created from the longing of enough spirits who wanted something higher.

This world in which we live is nothing more, nothing less than the product of our desire to strive higher. Conditions exist here where we can make a choice to develop ourselves spiritually. We can make a free choice for God. That is something that was impossible for us to do in the world of darkness.

In other words, Earth is a sphere that is a product of the longing of the fallen angels. It’s also equally true that it’s a product of the longing of all the spirits who stayed true to God. Their deepest desire is to bring their brothers and sisters back home to be with God. So both the divine worlds and the dark worlds contributed to this creation. In a similar way, the influence of both worlds still exists here today.

Consider the question of whether Earth would continue to exist if human beings—fallen angels—no longer came here. Strange as this may seem, it would not. That said, it is vital for our spiritual journey. We need to learn to take care of it so we can continue to come here for as long as we need to. Perhaps the better question is: Where would we have to stay if we could no longer come here?

Long before we were ready to come here as men and women, the spiritual life force acted to create other life forms on Earth. It produced animals, plants and minerals, as well as other substances that were at first without awareness. By way of various intermediate states, human beings very gradually came into existence. When this happened, a major phase was completed. All the forms that came before such human beings were simply instrumental in leading up to that point.

Up until this time, all we really had was a longing. It was then that the first glimmer of self-awareness came to be re-born or re-awakened in us. Self-awareness includes the ability to think and decide. And that is what we need to do for development to take place. After that, more and more people came.

For the first time since the Fall, by coming to Earth where the influence of God’s world also existed, there was a chance to learn. We could change and turn to God, thereby creating a better world for themselves, both in matter and in spirit. After physical death, these beings would go to the Spirit World, and also during sleep when the body rested. They would receive inspirations from the Spirit World and influences of all sorts.

But this meant that development for all incarnated beings happened very slowly. Because they were all so low in their development, their own dark spheres were constantly influencing them. In fact, if God’s world hadn’t acted here, it wouldn’t have been much different than the hell they had come from.

As a reminder, we need to feel into the truth underneath the words here. We are touching on the very greatest questions of all time, which the human mind cannot fully comprehend, even in the best situation. But we often wonder about these things. So this information is provided so that we can have some type of framework for understanding and satisfying our curiosity.

So exactly how did God’s world show itself? How could angels of God inspire and guide beings from the spheres of darkness? The pickle here is that according to universal law, an individual has to make the first step in order to receive from God’s world. You have to knock before the door is going to open.

So how then, when entities were so coarse, with really no inkling of God and no idea of his world, could they take this step? They would have had no clue what to do. Fortunately, since God’s world co-created this place, then according to the Law of Free Will, they had the right to show up here too. So the answer is that pure spirits—those who weren’t part of the Fall—have been incarnated at all times.

They brought light and love and wisdom, and they fulfilled a great mission by coming here. Because of their strength and influence, one of them outweighed the dark spirits, 100-to-1. So in order for everything to be equal, this meant that during those early times, a very limited number of pure spirits could come.

Through this steady influence over the ages, fallen angels have been given a choice of what to listen to: the side that spoke to their lower nature, or the side that seemed to help them up and over their hurdles and difficulties. In this way, God has played by the rules.

As far as communication with the beyond went, it took place through guidance and inspiration. This always existed and will always exist. But there was also, at that time, a more direct form of communication. We now call this channeling or mediumship in various forms.

Such communication was very dependent on who was doing the channeling—their attitude, goal and general development. In early days, fallen spirits could only contact the world of darkness. But pure incarnated spirits could connect with the world of God. In short, if one was possible, both were possible.

This relates to a misunderstanding that arose regarding the mother of Jesus. The spirit of the woman we call the Virgin Mary was a pure spirit. This means she was a very highly developed spirit who never belonged to the Fall. Jesus Christ could not have been born from an impure spirit. Her purity led to the misinterpretation of the meaning of the phrase “immaculate conception,” which referred to her unfallen nature.

Every error in various religions has some background that makes the error understandable. In this case, it was through spirit communication that humanity was told that Jesus’ mother was pure. This was misunderstood to mean sexual purity, and that the mother of Jesus gave birth as a virgin.

In fact, the conception took place like any other conception. God’s laws are perfect, regardless of the way humanity perverts some of them. So there was no need for God to override his laws. Note that while many people on Earth misdirect their sexual energy, and therefore think of sexuality as impure, this is not so. All in all, what a major mix up.

In truth, human development could not have proceeded at all without the occasion of incarnated pure spirits. We needed their direct connection with the world of God. They spread truth and light to the extent people were able to absorb it. Even though they had no evil in them, the material body alone sapped so much energy away that teachings coming only from these people would not have been sufficient. So this was the only way for truth to come through to humanity. The benefits far outweighed the errors.

The benefits also strongly outweighed the danger and damage caused by communications with Lucifer’s domain. This is also one reason that some people mistakenly believe today that all communication with the other side will end up with Lucifer or one of his henchman on the line.

But fair is fair, and if this benefit of having emissaries from God’s world was allowed, there needed to be equal representation allowed from the dark spheres. Dark spirits were here who would claim to be gods ready to favor human beings with all sorts of goodies if they agreed to follow what the Luciferic spirit dictated. And still, since God’s world had so much more juice, it was a fair deal. People could make a fair choice.

And so it went for a very long time. Until gradually more and more fallen angels began to wake up. Eventually their longing for God became conscious and meaningful. They were able to develop their will enough to overcome evil impulses. This was a powerful change we’re talking about here.

We fail to realize the incredible effect it has when a single person develops themselves, doing the best they can within their power. Such a person surely helps themselves, but they also add this amazing cosmic power to the great reservoir. And this has a huge effect, whether the person is able to see this or not.

Perhaps, as a person heals and grows, they will see some of the effect in their immediate surroundings. They might see that, holy moly, all of a sudden others are truly reacting differently towards them, in response to the way they are changing. But none of us will ever know, as long as we’re here on Earth, just how far-reaching the effect of even the smallest progress in the right direction is. No effort in the direction of goodness is ever in vain.

It’s like throwing a stone into a pond of still water. A ring appears. And then another, until more and more extend so far you can’t keep following it with your eyes. But the rings are still there. If one person overcomes a single weakness, it’s a big deal. Best of all, it’s a huge help for the great Plan of Salvation.

Now let’s take a closer look at what salvation by Jesus Christ really means. “Salvation,” of course, is another of those blinking words. Consider that salvation means essentially that we are never locked out. Christ offers endless forgiveness and acceptance. So no matter what a mess we may occasionally make of things, if we ask for help in finding solutions, we will not receive a stone.

Ironically, although few people realize the full significance of this, organized religion has almost completely misunderstood what salvation is. Many believe Christ died on the cross for all of our sins. As a result, no one is accountable for their own sins any more. That Christ has atoned for all of them through his death. Of course, this cannot be so. As we look at the real story, it will become obvious how such a comfortable misunderstanding could have come about. But also why this would be senseless.

Salvation is in fact something that has been accomplished on this earth sphere, and also in every sphere of existence. After the Fall, Christ, who of course has literally been around since time immemorial—way, way, way before he came to visit Earth—organized all the unfallen spirits to bring together their strength and area of perfection to help the Plan of Salvation.

Recall, each created being was created perfectly in one way, representing a divine aspect: love, wisdom, courage, for example. This created worlds of beauty and a way for each being to eventually become Godlike. In order to pitch in on the Plan, they had to postpone their own goals.

So millions and millions of years passed, waiting for enough fallen spirits to have enough longing to get back to God for Earth to come into existence. While all of this was going on, Christ was busy. He was preparing, working and planning ahead, and sending various pure spirits to live on Earth. He organized the teachings that the pure spirits would deliver, either through inspiration and guidance or through communication with God’s world. The painstaking minutia of this cannot be overstated. Everything had to be worked out so that it would mesh with divine laws of justice.

For all that time, no matter how developed we humans became, when we died or went to sleep, back to the dark spheres we would go. So even if someone sincerely changed their attitude and developed more harmony with God, and they began to produce light and wonderful spheres in the Spirit World, all this still belonged to Lucifer. Because he wasn’t about to give up any of his power over such a person.

What’s more, such a person couldn’t get totally clear of Lucifer. So they had to own some spheres that were harmonious and some that were disharmonious. Incidentally, this is still what happens today to anyone who has uneven development, having faults, blindness and weakness in some areas but being fairly purified in others. We have to own both the best and the worst of what we’ve built.

At a certain point, there was a ripeness, a readiness, among those who consciously desired to have complete union with God. This was the time for the most important part of the Plan of Salvation to take place, which Christ took upon himself. There was a good reason for this, even beyond his infinite love and compassion for all his fallen brothers and sisters.

You see, during the Fall, Lucifer developed an intense jealousy of Christ. So it was logical for Jesus to prove his love through his great sacrifice and work. Through his deed, he would make it possible, not only for all fallen creatures but for Lucifer himself—albeit far, far in the future—to return to God.

God made Christ the King of the Universe, and with such high privilege comes the strongest responsibilities. The way he carried this heavy burden, he gave us all an excellent example to follow.

So when the time was ripe, Christ faced Lucifer. Now, don’t be thinking: Oh for Pete’s sake, it couldn’t have happened like that. The truth is, everything that we have or that happens here on Earth is a limited imitation of what exists in the Spirit World—where everything is in much greater variety. Here, only material objects have form. In the Spirit World, everything is concrete, everything is form. Love is form. A beautiful thought creates a form. Wicked thoughts create another form, but still a concrete form.

So this may sound childish, this notion that Lucifer and Christ would talk together like two human beings. But that’s basically what happened. It just wouldn’t have looked exactly the same as when we talk—the procedure would have been somewhat different.

Christ faced Lucifer and told him: “There are many spirits that do not wish to remain faithful to you. They want to go back to God. You should set them free.” But Lucifer was not on board with this idea. He maintained that he did not have to recognize divine law. And he would continue to use his power however he pleased.

So Christ said, “In that case, there must be a war between our worlds.” The chances would need to be even, meaning the forces would be numerically lopsided, since the forces of good are way stronger than the forces of evil. In this case, like 20-to-1.

Lucifer responded, “You know, even if we battled in such a war, and even if you won and took my power away, I still wouldn’t recognize the law of God as being just.” This totally flew in the face of everything the Plan of Salvation was about. Great pains were being taken to make sure that all was fair, in love andwar, so to speak, and the point was that no one should ever be eternally damned. Not even Lucifer himself. So the real goal here then was to work things in such a way that Lucifer himself would have to admit that, yeah, divine laws are in fact absolutely just.

Therefore Christ came back to Lucifer with this: “So tell me, in what way would you consider the divine powers to be totally just?”

And Lucifer answered, “Tell you what, I’ll fight such a war if one being—and it can be from the world of God if you wish—would live on Earth as a human, without any protection or guidance from the world of God at crucial times. And they would have a great part of their knowledge dimmed out, with matter standing in the way like for everyone else.

If, after I get done with them, using all the temptations that I’m so good at, and in spite of the most difficult conditions imaginable, they remain faithful to God—and make no mistake, I would offer this person every worldly power and I would offer that they could be released from all hardship, if they just forsook God—if they remained faithful to God under these conditions—and I daresay, I doubt very much…no, I’d say it would be impossible—well then, I will have that battle with you. And if you win, I will recognize God’s law as being utterly just.”

Back up the truck here folks. First of all, every living being has, at all times, guardian spirits from God’s world attending to them. Now, some people’s attitudes may keep these spirits from being able to get very close. Nevertheless, they are there, hanging about in the background and making sure that nothing happens to their protégé that is not in keeping with God’s laws, or that the person may be too weak to handle.

So this idea of being left all alone on planet Earth, without the support of God’s Spirit World—not to mention having to resist attacks, challenges, hardships, temptations, you name it—well, that does seem like an insanely tall order. No human being had ever endured such a thing.

So looking back, from the vantage point of where we stand now, no matter how pure or how wonderful his teachings may have been, the bottom line is that we cannot compare Christ with any other person who has ever lived. Period. Christ showed us what others have also taught, but he did it under circumstances that were infinitely more difficult than what anyone else has ever had to bear.

But this was the deal. These were Lucifer’s conditions that he needed to have met if he was going to recognize God’s laws as being just. And only then would he go to war with the good guys. But here’s the best part. Should Lucifer lose, then Christ would get to call the shots, making his terms be that Lucifer would never again doubt God’s justice in any way, shape or form. So an agreement was reached and the plan was formed. And as mentioned, Christ took it upon himself to be the one to go, even though Lucifer did not specify that it had to be him.

If one now reads the Bible from this point of view, it may paint a markedly different picture. The life of Jesus may now make a bit more sense. What won’t make sense is this notion that Christ died on the cross for the sins others have committed. No, if you have committed a sin, you are still on the hook for it. You, and no one else but you, have to straighten your own messes out. No one can or should do it for you.

If, by some chance, someone were to do it for you, you wouldn’t gain any purification from it. So then what would be the point? You would miss out on the strength you would develop from the very process of self-purification, and that’s what you need to protect you from committing even more sins. As long as the root of evil is not torn out, it will produce bad fruit again and again. And we are the only ones who can do the uprooting of evil that lives inside us. So no, giving us a free pass for our transgressions is not at all the reason that Christ suffered and died for us.

This explanation also sheds light on the reason that Christ was left so completely alone for such a long time. Just as for any other person coming to planet Earth, he didn’t have the same knowledge once he got here that he had had as a spirit. If he had, this task would have been way easier.

But being the highest being in all creation did have some benefits. He did have some knowledge of what was going on, and he also had a boatload of spiritual strength and wisdom. But there would be no purpose at all for coming to Earth—true for Jesus as for anyone—if we had the same knowledge here in the flesh as we did on the other side. What would even be the point of coming here?

So once he arrived, Christ didn’t know exactly what all was involved in his coming here. Over the years, he did pick up some clues about all of this, so he had a vague idea—just like any of us might have a vague idea—of the task he had signed up for. Just like for us, he didn’t know exactly what would come of all this, how it would end, and what the meaning of it all was. He wasn’t supposed to know this. That was the whole point.

And then, after a certain time, all the angels who had been hovering so near him most of his life had to scram. When the going got really tough, they were nowhere to be found. So it becomes clear that while the teachings he brought were important and wonderful, they weren’t the main event. They were a side benefit.

It’s like that with God’s world. When something good comes about that is in alignment with God’s will, there’s more than just one good thing that can come of it. Many factors will often play a role, and the divine likes to get its money worth. Plus, it knows how to do this really well. Lots of effort goes into these things from the other side. This is true in all our lives.

So then, the bringing of the teachings was not the full reason that Jesus came. Beautiful as those teachings are, they weren’t new. Others had come before him saying pretty much the same things. He had adjusted them for the times in which he was living, since humankind is forever evolving in its development, but that’s all he really did on that score.

The big reason was this ability to resist the temptations of Lucifer, who totally got to have at him during those crucial times, and who put on a full-court press—the greatest effort imaginable—trying to cause Christ to fall. He pulled out all the stops. And he brought in his biggest guns. Believe you me, it was crazy. Lucifer is by no means stupid, even if he lacks wisdom and insight. Nor is he without enormously great resources in his own dark powers.

So there’s Christ, experiencing nothing but suffering—both physical and psychological—on top of humiliation that we can only dream of, in our nightmares. The physical suffering was bad, but these others were way worse. At the same time, he was getting hit with every temptation the world of darkness could think of to throw at him.

Of course, Christ, being Christ, was what we’d call psychic to the max. His skills as a medium, in every respect, were above and beyond what anybody else has been able to do before him or since. So when God’s world was close to him, this was a major advantage. But when he got cut off, it was a double-whammy. Because then, the only manifestations coming to him came from Lucifer’s neighborhood. Not good.

Through his clairvoyance, he first came into contact with the big kahunas from Lucifer’s lair. Later, it would be Lucifer himself, who was able to present himself as this incredibly beautiful being bringing Christ all the worldly advantages he could ever hope for. If only he would give in, he would instantly be free from all his sufferings. All he had to do was give up those pesky ideas of his about God.

In Jesus’ worst moments, Lucifer would taunt him, saying, “So where’s your precious God of love and justice now, huh? If he really existed, do you think he’d let you suffer like this? You, his dear beloved son? If your God can’t offer you any more than this, wouldn’t you be better off with me? Look what I can offer you. Your God, he can only offer you intense suffering and hardship in every way possible.” What a jerk.

Let’s give some thought to all of this. If Jesus had known the whole situation, including what his task was in all of this, it wouldn’t have been half so hard. But, again, that was exactly the point. It was inevitable that Jesus was going to have doubts—tons of doubts. He had doubts about his true identity. And about there being anything wise or there being any good purpose to have to go through all of this, which he largely couldn’t understand at the time. He also had doubts about everything he had learned in the previous years.

He often wondered if he wasn’t under some kind of illusion, where all his previous knowledge wasn’t just the product of his imagination. And in those moments of deep doubt, guess who would be right there at his side, strengthening such thoughts. Lucifer.

No, Jesus Christ did not have an easy time of it, by any measure. It’s not hard to see what a challenge it had to have been for him, a human man, with matter separating him and absolute truth, to remain faithful to God. To not give in to those temptations that were amped up by the hardships he endured. If conditions were not such that even Christ might have doubted at times, his task wouldn’t have been so magnificent.

To make all this happen, the obstacles put in his path had to be that much bigger than for the average person. Material substance is a barrier, a curtain, that everyone has to grope to open. Jesus Christ had to do that too, but under far more extreme conditions. Even these explanations don’t begin to do justice to describing what he had to bear.

We can’t begin to comprehend what it meant that one could remain on the right path under those circumstances, without fully understanding what was going on. And then to have the humility, despite all the passing doubts, to put God first, even above his own suffering and lack of understanding—well, that really was the task. It seems absolutely impossible that anyone could do it. But Jesus Christ did.

This accomplished two things. First, it fulfilled the conditions whereby the world of darkness could never again thumb its nose at God’s laws, claiming them to be unjust. Second, Jesus set an example for all of us to follow. So when we find ourselves suffering and we don’t understand why, we can think of Jesus within this setting of the true story of salvation.

Think about his suffering as something real. Very real. This is not some imaginary legend or myth. It happened this way, with Jesus enduring difficulties as real as our own. Only way, way worse. If we can look at things from this perspective, it will make it so much easier to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and stay humble, letting God steer the ship.

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